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Gupshup Whatsapp Integration

w3 1

  1. Once after finishing the entire WhatsApp API integration, the settings will appear here.
  2. You have to do the WhatsApp API back and settings from here.

  1. You have to add the app name here and the app name you will get it in the WhatsApp API panel.
  2. You will also get the account API key in the WhatsApp API panel itself.
  3. Add the from number with country code.
  4. You have to enter the WhatsApp number, where you want to receive the notification.
  5. Add the opt-in url from the Whatsapp API panel.
  6. Will do the enterprise settings now, first you had to add the username.
  7. Enter the WhatsApp number with country code.
  8. Enter the WhatsApp message footer, if you have added the gupshup.
  9. You have to enter the password for whatsapp api
  10. And enter the WhatsApp message header if you have added in the gupshup and submit the settings.

  1. And we have multiple WhatsApp API provider in that Aiseny also one of API provider.
  2. And another is MessageAutosender, these are the another providers.

  1. Add the API key here.
  2. Add the username for the same provider.
  3. You can set this as default.
  4. Active function and submit it. have to add the username from message auto sender provider if you have taken from message autosender.

  1. Add the password of message auto sender.
  2. You can set it as default.
  3. Make sure to active the settings and submit the settings.

Aisensy Whatsapp Integration

W1 2
W2 1

Path :

  1. Go to , WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Aisensy Whatsapp Integration.
  3. And add API key.
  4. User name.
  5. enable set default
  6. and integration should be active and update the settings. Later you can add your whatsapp templates in CRM and you can make use of it.