Automated Lead Nurturing

Perform smooth and effective lead nurturing with the help of Solid Performers CRM. Create multiple sequences of lead nurturing mails with various content to generate high potential leads. You can also use various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, or Email to nurture your leads.


Set time interval between the mails


Send communication updates based on stage or status


Have a different sequence for raw lead and a high potential lead. The choice is yours


Use multi-channels like email, SMS or WhatsApp


Prepare the Sequence

You can prepare the contents for lead nurturing email or WhatsApp sequence with the time interval for each.


Setup Landing Pages

You can create the landing pages for every lead nurturing email which you are creating with hyperlinks.


Prepare the content

Your content should be designed in such a way that the person who sees that should click on the link to visit the landing page.


Capture Data using WebForms & Chatbots

You can easily capture the data with the help of inbuilt webforms or chatbots. No need to look for third party integration.


Perform Advanced Sales Automations

Once the lead is nurtured, you can also provide them with additional product/service-related information for effective closure.

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