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We are here to assist you in automating most of the sales process which you need to perform manually on a day to day basis.Everything is taken care with us in an easy & smooth way. Simply connect all your sources from which you are receiving leads in few minutes with Solid Performers and let the magic happen.

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Business Growth depends on 3 Major Factors
Sales, Support & Delivery

Our system helps you to automate the sales process from allocating the lead to your team members based on various criterias and nurturing the leads by providing efficient solution to the lead with regular followup updates, notes, assiciated files, etc., Colloborate & work with your team in closing the deal efficiently.

A Successful Business needs an Effective tool to Manage the Business End to End in a Simple & Productive way. At Solid Performers, we take care of your Pre & Post Sales Activities under one roof with which you can manage the entire work flow of collecting the leads, converting leads to clients, monitoring the projects & payments, managing their support tickets, etc.,

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Followup Reminders
Get a daily reminder notification and timely reminder notification whenever you need to perform an action for a lead or enquiry. Never miss a followup as our system gives you a headup notification.
Build as you Need
We have provided you with the option to create the form based on your need. You can drag and drop and build your own from with all functions in minutes.
Set Automatic Triggers
Our system does the work for you. Once a data is added, automated email or sms can be delivered to the lead or to your exectuive. This automated action can be set for various criterias for every action performed.
Multiple Integrations
Our platform can be integrated with multiple other social, advertisement, web and many other platforms to collect the data directly in the CRM.

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