Lead Generation Chatbot

Lead Generation Chatbots are an automated way of connecting the customers and the company with each other. They can easily have a conversation with the help of the chatbot and it will work all the time irrespective of human presence.


24/7 – collect leads from the website


Guide smartly – redirect the visitors to right section


Better output – chatbot generates 2X leads than webforms


Unlimited Bots – create multiple bots based on your landing pages

Setup Chatbot

Create a chatbot with conditions in minutes

Add the Code to Website

Copy the generated code and add it in your website

Chatbot will answer queries

You can test the chatbot functions in live

Collect the leads from website

Details of the person answering the chatbot will be captured

Allocate the Leads to sales team

You can setup automation for allocation of leads

Schedule a Live Demo

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