All in One Lead Management Tool

All your leads from various sources can be connected in one place and that too within minutes. We have got all the possible solutions for integrating with any third-party sources. You can use direct integration or APIs or Zapier to perform the integration in a smooth way.


All Leads from various sources in one place


Zero delays in data addition. All data will be synched seamlessly


Advanced Automation can be performed from the CRM


Segregate and auto-allocate the leads to the sales team members automatically


Inbuilt Lead Gen Chatbot & WebForms

Use the webforms and chatbots from the CRM to integrate with your website and collect leads directly.


Third Party Integrations

Collect leads from Social Media channels like Facebook or Google Ads with quick and simply integrations.


Cloud Telephony Integration

Get the call details directly from your cloud call to the CRM and a new lead will be created whenever a call arrives.


Lead APIs

With the help of API, you can perform advanced lead integration from any of your personalized source as well.


Zapier Automation

You can also integrate unlimited sources with the help of Zapier as it has got more than 1000+ sources integrated with it already.

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