Reminders & Alerts

The CRM system will remind you about the follow-ups when you are using the CRM and it will also send you an alert via email, SMS, or WhatsApp if you are not available in front of the CRM. We will make sure that you will never miss a follow-up.


Omnichannel – get notified in your favorite device


Push Notifications – get a reminder alert in mobile as notifications


Never miss a Followup – our system shows the complete follow-up along with missed follow-up in notification until the action is fulfilled

Create a Trigger

You can create a trigger for email, SMS, WhatsApp, or push messages

Select required conditions

You can set up various conditions for every trigger to get activated

Add Followup Trigger

Once every condition is selected, simply add the trigger

Create Unlimited Triggers

You can create any number of triggers with a time delay as well

Let Solid Performers take care of the rest

Our system will take care of all the automation based on your triggers

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