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Product Management

List Page

Snip Products Service Solid Performers Pvt Ltd Google Chrome


  1. You can add new products from here.
  2. You can switch to the sub-products page and add the sub-products if required.
  3. You can upload or add the product list in bulk through an excel sheet by downloading the sample format and copying your data into the excel sheet.
  4. These are the action buttons here you can view the product details,add or deduct the product in stock to manage your inventory, Ban the Product or edit the products.

Add New Product

Snip Add item Solid Performers Pvt Ltd Google Chrome
Snip Add item Solid Performers Pvt Ltd Google Chrome 2


  1. You can enter the details of the product like Product ID, Name, Price & Unit.
  2. You can enter the descriptions of products if required.
  3. You can select the applicable taxes on the particular product.
  4. You can Put products in different groups if required.
  5. You can attach an image of the product.
  6. You can enter the HSN code for the Product.
  7. Add the Product.

Product Settings

Product Field Customization



  1. You can add a new field.
  2. You can enable/ disable existing fields using the status column.
  3. You can make any field mandatory can disable it if it’s already mandatory.
  4. You can enable/disable any field from the list page.
  5. You can enable/ disable edit access from users.
  6. You can enable/ disable any fields from the sub-product list.
  7. You can enable/disable any field for the proposal module.
  8. You can enable/disable any fields for the invoice module.
  9. You can enable/disable any fields for the proforma invoice module.
  10. You can hide any field from users so that they can’t be able to see that field from the user account.
  11. You can edit or delete existing fields.
  12. You can enable the unique option for the item ID.
  13. You can add a field name.
  14. You can select the type of field.
  15. You can enable/disable show in the list view.
  16. You can hide the field from employees.
  17. You can enable/disable employees can edit the field, if you enabled means they will get an edit option for this particular field other they will not be having edit access for this field.
  18. You can set a conditional field by clicking on yes and it will show you all condition-applicable fields’ names and dropdown options for conditions to select.
  19. Based on requirements, you can select a width.

Product Group Settings

p11 1


  1. You can add new product groups.
  2. You can search product groups by typing the group name or ID here.
  3. You can edit or Delete existing product groups.
  4. You can find the product ID here, which will help you while doing the bulk upload.
  5. You can add a group name.

Product to Project Mapping



  1. You can do the product-to-project mapping. You can see the product field names in the first column.
  2. By selecting project fields in a second column you can do the product to project mapping.