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In the below video, you will get a basic understanding of Solid Performers CRM and the effective way it can be used to enhance the quality & standard of your Business.

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A Quick Overview

Solid Performers CRM is an all-in-one software that offers a range of tools and features designed to help businesses manage their customer interactions more efficiently. One of the most significant benefits of using Solid Performers CRM is that it provides businesses with a 360-degree view of their customers. This means that businesses can access all the information they need about their customers, including their contact details, purchase history, preferences, and more, in one place. We will explain that clearly in this CRM software demo.

In this CRM Software demo, you will understand the user-friendly and easy-to-navigate functions of Solid Performers CRM, with a clean and intuitive interface. Businesses can customize their dashboard to display the information that is most relevant to their needs. You can follow us on Linkedin to get regular updates on our software.

CRM Software Demo

Solid Performers CRM offers a range of modules, including sales, marketing, customer service, and analytics, which can be used independently or integrated to provide a more comprehensive solution.

CRM Software Demo Narration

Here is a quick CRM software demo video of Solid Performers CRM software.

This is suitable for all kinds of businesses irrespective of the industry that they belong to.

You can be able to customize the CRM as per your need in minutes.

Primary Modules

You can be able to manage all your leads, deals or opportunities, clients, proposals, proforma invoices, invoices, support tickets, product or service details, finances, time sheets, users as well as report extraction of all the mentioned modules using this CRM. We will give you an overview of all the modules in the CRM software Demo.

This CRM is built to manage your Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Processes, and you can set up this CRM for your business in less than 30 minutes.

Sales & Custom Dashboards

We have provided you with a Default sales dashboard from which you can get an overview of the entire sales & business-related activities.

You can manage your team’s target vs achievement, leads vs prospects growth, the payment received for this month vs last month, and deal pipeline for the upcoming year on a monthly segregation basis.

You can also see the top deal values, the top proposal as well as top expected closures from the sales dashboard.

Apart from the sales dashboard, we have provided you with the option to create custom dashboards. You can create any number of custom dashboards for various modules by including charts, graphs, tables, and filters. You can also include custom reports in the custom dashboard and create a dashboard as per your need. The combinations are basically infinite. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

Lead Management

Lead Module is one of the primary modules in the CRM and you can manage all the leads received from various sources over here.

You can view the list of follow-ups for the day from here.

You can perform lots of actions using the action buttons and can also perform bulk actions like bulk allocation, bulk follow-up updates, sending bulk emails, SMS, or Whatsapp, and bulk delete of leads. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

You can add the leads manually, or bulk upload the leads into the CRM. You can filter the leads with various combinations of advanced filters.

Leads can be inserted manually and all the fields which are available here are completely customizable as per your business need from the leads settings panel.

Field Customization

You can be able to add a new field in various formats, disable, reorder, rename, or restrict access for the fields as per your need.

This field modification function is also available for other primary modules which include prospect, customer, support ticket as well as vendor. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

Multiple Integrations

We have got lots of integration options from which you can connect all your lead sources like Google, Facebook, Website, Landing pages, Third Party Lead aggregators, cloud telephony, etc., with the CRM directly, and the leads will land on the CRM directly.

You can also perform multiple automation using various channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, or push notifications.

You can use shortcodes in automation which will make the content dynamic and you can also create multiple delayed automation for lead nurturing. The automation can be performed for other primary modules as well.

You can include various details about your business as well as the benefits of doing business with you in the automation sequence.

Once a lead is added, you can perform a follow-up with the lead and add the next follow-up date along with the stage, status, and communication update.

These stages and statuses can also be customized as per your business need.

Follow-up Reminders & Notifications

You will get all follow-up notification alerts on the top right side of the CRM and you will also get reminder alerts on email, SMS, Push Notifications, or WhatsApp. You can define all these in the settings.

You can view the follow-up update details of the lead, along with the complete history of all old updates that you have already updated over here and the basic details about the lead in this quick view section. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

You can see the complete details of the leads on the 360-degree lead view page, along with uploaded files, quotation details, emails sent, etc.,

One Click Conversion

You can convert potential leads into deals or opportunities in one click.

Deal/ Opportunity Management

Deals are basically highly qualified prospects that you can segregate from the general leads so that you can give special care and attention to them.

You can perform all the functions in the deal module like performing follow-ups, adding a deal directly, filtering the data, custom stage & status, and bulk actions along with some additional fields like deal value, probability, and expected closure date.

Dashboard Pipeline

The pipeline in the dashboard will get generated based on these data which will help you to understand the estimated closures for the upcoming month. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

Proposal or Quotation Management

You can create proposals from the proposal module or directly from the primary modules like leads, deals, or clients using the action button.

You can also have follow-ups and stages for a proposal along with the validity and the value of the proposal.

You can create proposals for the leads, prospects, or customers and can also create proposal templates and import them in one click while creating a proposal. You can refer to the detailed CRM demo free for more details.

You can perform multiple actions for a created proposal including downloading them in pdf format or converting them to invoices in one click.

You can convert a lead, or deal into a client and this module has also got all the functions similar to the leads module.

Invoice Management

You can convert a proposal to an invoice or Proforma invoice and you can also create a customized invoice as per the need.

You can view the summary of the payments along with individual split-up of the received and pending payments along with the status. You can also add multiple payments for a single invoice.

Support Ticket management

You can create a support ticket for a client or embed the customer support form in your website and your customers can raise tickets from your website directly and the tickets will land on the CRM, and will get allocated to the support executives.

Priority & Status

Your team members can complete the tickets based on priority, and the status also will get updated along with the completion percentage. You can refer to the detailed CRM demo videos for more details.

Product/ Service Management

You can manage all your product or service details along with inventory details over here.

Finance Management

You can manage all your income or expense details over here and we also provided you with the approval restrictions for managing the finance details effectively.

Advanced & Custom Reports

We have provided you with various default reports and you can also create any number of custom reports as per your need. You can create a summary report or data report as per your need. You can refer to the detailed CRM software demo for more details.

User/ Employee Management

You can add a user and assign a user role while creating the user. The user can be able to perform only the restricted functions as defined in the user role.

You can also disable any user access as per your need.

Our system also provides you with the user hierarchy tree for easy understanding. You can also checkout the complete CRM software demo for more understanding.

This covers a quick CRM software demo of the Solid Performers CRM software.

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