Real Estate CRM

To decrease the workload of real estate agencies, builder and property agents, Solid Performers Real Estate CRM is designed. You can get all the property related enquiries in CRM and you can automate the whole work process.  Manage your new leads and track the follow up interactions. Engaging your present clients plays an important role to acquire future clients. Implementing a CRM software will work phenomena for real estate company to reach greatest level in their business.

Followup Reminder Custom Status & Source Web Lead Form Integration Notes & File Uploads Log & History of Communication Easy Allocation & Tracking Integrate with any Source

Top Reasons to Choose Us


Sales Automation

Automate your sales pipeline and make the daily tasks of sales teams easier. Right from prospecting to nurturing & closing deals. Engage on revenue generating activities.


Capture Leads

Capture all your leads from different integrated sources at one place so that you don’t ever miss a property inquiry. You can also integrate with various portals.


Track the enquiries

Monitor activity at every stage and know if the deal is headed towards closure. This helps in better prospecting of leads and gives the entire sales team a clarity.


To Do Calendar

Tasks and notifications in the calendar are a handy CRM feature for agents. The system informs you about upcoming meetings, events, and essential tasks.


Document Management

Solid performers CRM allows you to store the documents and files for your enquires and client in their particular profile page. This makes you to keep all things handy.


Effective Deal management

We provide you to link the deals from your buyer or seller modules so that if there is any deals going on with the particular buyer or seller it will be recorded on that page.


Effective Followup

It enables the executive to keep reminders against every enquiry and every lead. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without letting go the chance to speak to them.


Detailed Report

CRM helps you to track the performance of every lead, client, deal or contact reports and as well as the performance for your sales executive with regards to daily update as well.


Customer Support

CRM incorporate customer support facility in order to create support ticket and track all the registered complaints of your customers incase if you are performing property management as well.

My Calendar

You can schedule your meeting, training, alarm anything using My Calender. Sync with your google account to get auto notifications in gmail. Use it in Mobile or Lapto, don’t miss any schedules.


Quick Task

You can manage your tasks and allocate task to your team prioritizing client, project, project type and allocate to multiple employees to finish early.


Buyer Management

Never miss a single property inquiry from any Source. You can upload Manually adding forms, bulk upload and Third-party Integration. Bulk upload your in 30 seconds. Check the daily follow ups of your team and workload of your team. Instant allocate to your employees within 5 seconds. You can send Proposal email, send SMS to your leads / customers / enquires. You can manage lead complete history via whats app web, Call Status, Notes and Comments. Filter your Status like Hot, cold, Warm. Source like 99 acres, Magic bricks, Facebook, etc.,  Follow up timeline like today, tomorrow, next 7 days.


Seller Management

Manage all your seller details like agreement, documents, photocopies, payment related queries everything in the seller management. Sync your property details along with the seller management. Never miss a enquiry and stop losing an enquiry due to missed followup. Our system provides you with multiple follow-up reminders on a daily basis which you need to follow for the day, it will also provide you with popup notification in the system before 15 minutes of the followup time. Even if you miss a followup, it will always show the reminder on the followup enquiries page.


Follow-up Management

Never miss a enquiry and stop losing an enquiry due to missed followup. Our system provides you with multiple follow-up reminders on a daily basis which you need to follow for the day, it will also provide you with popup notification in the system before 15 minutes of the followup time. Even if you miss a followup, it will always show the reminder on the followup enquiries page. Our system provides not just enquiry reminder but also provides you with timely reminder for customers whom you need to contact for any service, document or payment related queries.


Contact Management

You can manage all your customer, client all enquires in CRM. You can get to know if they enquired before and to manage future follow up. To send any bulk campign like email or SMS.


Property Management

Add multiple properties and link it with a buyer or seller and manage all the properties along with availability in an easy way. Easily access your property data from any where using mobile device or ipad. 


Deal Management

Closing a deal will need an effective management, so we bring you the most flexible deal management functions with many customizable features. If you are getting piles up with so many deals, you can easily manage them with the custom filter that we add on to this software. You can manage your sales pipeline without any confusion with the customizable features.


Support Management

Provide the best possible support to your buyer and seller with the help of simple and easy to use ticketing system. Also, if you are managing multiple properties, get the issue of your clients tracked and sorted easily along with the expected closure date and priority status.


Employee Management

No need to use any payroll HR for your employee our CRM you can manage your complete database of employees like personal details, educational, employment and present offer letter details etc. They can login using the given username email and password.


Attendance Management

Manage your employees attendance, login history, IP address everything here. You can restrict your employees to login or punchin from a particular IP only to avoid misuse of CRM data. We are here to provide you with a secure environment.


Campaign Management

Its very easy to do bulk campaign for your property advertisement. In ATL, BTL need to invest more money, or invest more time. But here you can invest minimum amount and reach more people with bulk EMAIL campaign and SMS campaign.


Proposal Management

Create your business proposal for the enquiries or your clients. It will fetch automatically all the details of leads or clients like email address, mobile number, gst etc and within a minute create proposal and send email and it saves in client profile. You can create a default proposal with different templates as per your requirements, so that you need not have to enter all the details again and again. You can also create multiple proposal templates based on your real estate proposal requirements like commercial template, residential template, villa template, Lease template, duplex house template etc.


Report Management

Track your each and every work of your employee, your enquires, buyer, seller , properties, Invoice, Income, Expense report along with particular timeframe. Executive wise report you can pull, status wise, stage wise as well.


And Many More...

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Does the CRM software works well for the real estate business people?

How will they benefit from the leading CRM software for real estate industry?

Solid performers, the best CRM providers will bring you the best strategies and they will put forth their ideas to make your real estate process an easier one. One of the developing industries in the world is real estate. You will need a CRM to maintain your business process and also to ensure that the workflow in the business is not going out of the track.

We help you to automate, solve the real estate issues, organize and make better plans, and also to synchronize everything with the business processes. The business secret to manage your business process effectively is to have the best CRM software for your industry. For the real estate industry, we build the software that will focus primarily on their clients – vendors, landlords, tenants, and buyers. Hereby, we will help you to build the best relationship with them.

The real estate CRM:

To have the best deal closing instances, go for the best CRM providers. In the real estate industry, it is very mandatory to close all the leads on time and in proper order. If any delay happens in between, it will even lead to lose the clients. In such cases, the best CRM software for real estate industry will help you to keep the realtors in an organized manner, and maintain the best relationship with the prospects of any organization. All the records of the customers are maintained properly in order to have an easy access. You won’t be indulged in smudging with piles of customer data and struggle with improper maintenance.

By making use of our new features in the CRM for real estate industry, you can maintain a constant touch with the clients and can improve the customer retention greatly. In the real estate industry, only the customer retention matters importantly. We need to be in regular touch with them so that we don’t lose a lead. Some of the buyers will be very interested to go with the further processes and some will retain in the same place. You no need to worry in such cases. The best CRM software for the real estate industry will give you will help you to maintain the realtors and automate all the tasks involved till the entire process. You can also arrange the buyers accordingly whether they are interested or not. The buyers with less intent will be arranged at the bottom and the high intent buyers are maintained on top for easier practice.

How will it be useful?

The realtors need perform lots of tasks in a single day like making the payments, properly looking into the emails, and so on. The best CRM for the real estate industry will collect the data from all the required resources and we will allocate the appropriate things according to your need. All the potential clients contact can be saved into the software and the inputs are done automatically. You can also check and track the status how the customer relationship is maintained. Using this reference, you can make required changes if necessary. We always make the CRM software for the real estate industry aiming for future developments. Any future requirements can also be tracked if it is needed for all the contacts you have made into the CRM software. You can get the all-in-one solution here at Solid performers by, automating the process, boosting the relationship with the customers, and quickly identifying the needs of the clients.

The need of real estate CRM:

The most primary need for choosing the real estate CRM for real industry is to maintain the contact details. Realtors will be juggling with lots of agents and they need to keep in touch with them to make the proper process. The real estate CRM helps in maintaining a high volume of information that all the realtors handle. Some of the clients and landlords will be expecting immediate responses. In such cases, all their contacts will be given priority and you’ll be notified to get their work done as soon as possible. The agents will be in need of cloud based solutions also. The best CRM software for the real estate industry will make all the solutions for your need. Without the use of excel sheets, you can quickly identify and segregate the things properly.


You can make use of the best CRM software for real estate industry and can benefit the most by attaining smart reports without the use of man power and excel sheets. All the incoming leads will be segmented properly. The software that we provide will automatically segregate the patterns that are more precise with colourful charts and graphics. Some of the tools to master such as the conversion rates and some of the scale factors will be denoted through visual charts and reports. We always make sure that we provide the best CRM software for the real estate industry and make the best client servicing models in these real estate industries.

You can simply drag and drop the leads to make a proper alignment of the incoming leads. We keep in mind that all the features will be more flexible for the users. You can also enable the predesigned templates and make use of that for the future clients. There is no need to make options again and again for different clients. You can maintain your own style of arranging the leads to manage them for the real estate industry.

We make the proper lead generation campaign tracking, real estate and the contact management for all the incoming leads, scheduling the proper timings and notifications for the clients, and greater access to the industry news. In addition to this, we also make some of the features that will make the real estate process much easier for the realtors and also the clients from their end.