14 Reasons why Solid Performers is the Best Real Estate CRM Software

  1. Sales Automation: Automating your sales pipeline to make your sales team’s daily work easier. From prospecting to nurturing and closing deals, you can find it in our CRM. Engage in activities that generate revenue for your business.
  2. Capturing Leads: You can keep a track of all the potential leads on one platform altogether. Reducing the risk of missing out on any inquiry.
  3. Tracking made easier: The CRM software will help you keep an eye on each and every stage of a customer. Your sales team can easily evaluate if the potential customer can turn into a lead.
  4. Deal Management: We offer you to link deals from your buyer or seller modules. Also, if there are any transactions with the buyer or seller they will be recorded on the page.
  5. Buyer Management: Manually adding forms, bulk upload, and third-party integration are all options. In 30 seconds, bulk upload your files. Check your team’s daily follow-ups and workload on a daily basis. Within 5 seconds, you can assign your personnel. To your leads, customers, and inquiries, you can send a proposal email and SMS.  You may manage a lead’s whole history through the Whatsapp web interface. Status of the call, as well as notes and comments.
  6. Seller Management: In the seller management department, you could manage all of your seller’s details, including agreements, documents, photocopies, and payment-related questions. Sync the details of your property with the seller’s management. Never miss a lead and stop losing leads due to a lack of follow-up. On a daily basis, our system sends you many follow-up reminders that you must complete for the day, as well as a popup notification in the system 15 minutes before the follow-up time.
  7. Contact Management: In CRM, you may manage all of your customer and client inquiries. You’ll be able to figure out if they’ve inquired before and manage future follow-up. To send any type of bulk campaigns, such as an email or SMS.
  8. Property Management: Add several properties, attach them to a buyer or seller, and manage all of them, as well as their availability, in one place. Using a mobile device or an iPad, you may easily view your property data from anywhere.
  9. Support Management: With the help of a simple and easy-to-use ticketing system, provide the finest possible support to your buyer and seller. Also, if you manage many properties, you can quickly track and sort your clients’ issues, as well as the estimated closing date and priority status.
  10. Employee Management: No need to use a payroll HR system for your employees; with our CRM, you can manage your whole database of employees. It can include personal information, educational information, job information, and current offer letter information, among other things. They can log in using the username, email address, and password provided.
  11. Attendance Management:  You can manage your employees’ attendance, login history, and IP address. To prevent CRM data from being misused, you might require your employees to log in or punch in from a specific IP address. We are here to ensure that you are in a safe environment.
  12. Campaign Management: It’s quite simple to run a bulk campaign for your real estate listing. In order to compete in ATL, BTL must either invest more money or devote more time. However, with a bulk EMAIL and SMS campaign, you may reach a larger number of individuals for a lower investment.
  13. Proposal Management: Create a business proposal for potential clients or inquiries. It will automatically gather all of the details of leads or clients, such as email address, mobile number, and GST. It will make a proposal and send an email within a minute, which will be saved in the client profile. You can establish a default proposal with different templates based on your needs.  There is no need to fill in the same information over and over. You can also design numerous proposal templates based on your real estate’s proposal needs, such as commercial, residential, villa, lease, and duplex house templates.
  14. Report Management: Track your employee’s work, inquiries, buyers, sellers, properties, invoices, income, and expense reports, all within a specific timeline. You can get executive-level reports, as well as status and stage-level reports.

If you are a real estate agent and or broker it is most likely you will find yourself searching for, “The Best Real Estate CRM Software”. The best real estate CRM software will help you manage your customers, your deals, and keep a track of all your transactions and information. Especially during the Covid phase, it becomes more than essential for real estate agents to embark on sales and marketing automation. Real Estate CRM tools let you connect with potential customers at any given point in time. The Solid Performers CRM software comes with a wide range of features which makes us the best Real ESTATE CRM Software. It helps you manage follow-ups, site visits, marketing campaigns, project plans. CRM Software lets you organize your real estate campaigns and bring orders into daily property visits.

 Real Estate CRM software is designed to allow you to manage your real estate firm from a single platform. Whether you are at your office or on the road you can access it as the data is stored in the cloud.

Buyer Persona for CRM software

In general, the system assists you in managing real estate leads, tracking lead generation campaigns, managing contacts, uploading documents and contracts, managing your calendar. It helps in staying on top of real estate trends. It provides you with seamless access to various real estate lead websites. CRM software systems assist real estate agents in managing their firms more efficiently and efficiently. Also, it ensures that you don’t lose the touch of personalized communication.

Following up on all CRM techniques has resulted in significant gains in lead conversion rates. We’ve seen a significant boost in revenue per salesperson. We have the highest client retention rates because we maintain excellent customer relationships and have high customer satisfaction rates. By providing you with market information and creating superior websites, we assure you we are the best  Real Estate CRM Software providers.