Best Real Estate CRM Software 

 What is CRM in real estate?

Real estate is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. Forward-thinking agencies, with ambitions of growing their business. However even in quiet times, are constantly looking for ways to better service their clients. SOLID Performer is a best real estate CRM software. 

In today’s technology-driven world. Client relationship management (CRM) tools play a significant role in this for real estate agencies. And really create a competitive edge between their competitors.

According to SOLID Performer, client or customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implement strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organise, automate, and synchronise business processes.

CRM is the secret that successful businesses, including real estate agencies, use every day.

Real estate agencies that effectively use a CRM system focus on their clients. For example vendors, landlords, buyers and tenants. Also they build a bigger and better business because of it.

What a real estate CRM system should do for you and your agency

A real estate CRM (sometimes refer to as real estate software, or a real estate database) should enable you and your team to effectively service all of your clients.

Your prospects, appraisal contacts, vendors and buyers (and for those doing property management, your landlords and tenants) are all clients.

Best Real Estate CRM Software 

Best real estate CRM Software should be able to market to different groups of your clients. During through multiple mediums for instance letters, emails and SMS.

It should remind you when to follow up your prospects and appraisals so they won’t forget you, but without annoying.

In this day and age, your CRM should be your listing management tool as well – it should be able to upload your listings to real estate portals, generate your brochures, stock lists and open home lists.

You should be able to manage your vendor paid advertising (VPA) from within the system, record buyer feedback and generate vendor reports. It should also be able to generate contracts and track contract dates (deposit, finance, settlement dates etc.)

Your real estate CRM should offer your buyers the same level of personalise service you offer your vendors by automatically contacting them by email and SMS anytime anyone in your agency lists a property that matches their specific requirements.

Your real estate CRM should enable you to keep clients for life – it should have functionality available to follow up past buyers, and past vendors so they keep coming back to you year after year.

The most important feature of best real estate CRM software should be that it is easy to use. It should save time, instead of wasting time.

You should be able to use each and every feature to its full benefit without having to think about it. Meanwhile look up a demo in After all, what is the point of having a system in place if it takes up more time than it saves. Likewise if it has many great features.

If you are using a CRM trial now. And it can’t do all of the above, or it is very difficult to use for you or your staff. Ask for demo session and tell us why are you using it? It helps for you to know in detail. 

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