Best CRM Software in Mangalore with Top 7 Benefits

Here is a perfect solution if you are looking for theĀ Best CRM Software in Mangalore to manage all your sales activities like lead management, contact management, opportunity management till client management.

You can also be able to create proposals, proforma invoices, and invoices in PDF format with international standards. We have got a variety of layouts that can be easily customized based on your business requirement in an easy and faster way.

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Why Solid Performers CRM is theĀ Best CRM Software in Mangalore?

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Benefit 1

You can be able toĀ integrate various sources under one panelĀ which is Solid Performers CRM. All your leads from various sources will come directly to the CRM using simple and quick integration as this is the best CRM software in Mangalore.

If you have all the leads from various sources like websites, Justdial, IndiaMART, Facebook, Google, etc., then it will be very easy for you to manage all leads under one panel.

Benefit 2

Sales Automation is one of the primary functions of Solid Performers CRM and the automated allocation of leads to your sales executiveĀ is the second benefit. Yes.

Using the best CRM software in Mangalore, you can be able to allocate leads to your sales team members on an automated basis. When a lead arrives in the system from any source, it will get allocated to the team member automatically which reduces manual effort.

Benefit 3

Using theĀ Best CRM Software in Mangalore, you can be able toĀ perform email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Push Notification automation. You can create an unlimited combination of alert or email communication flow that will send an automated Welcome Email or SMS or WhatsApp to the lead when a new lead has arrived.

You can also set an alert system for your sales team so that they will be notified when a new lead is allocated to them and can perform quick action.

Benefit 4

Timely follow-up reminders and notificationsĀ are the next important primary benefit of Solid Performers CRM which is theĀ Best CRM Software in Mangalore. You will never miss out on a lead and you will be able to see the list of all follow-ups on a single page to take quick action in an efficient way.

Benefit 5

Solid Performers CRM has got aĀ Sales Dashboard which will help you to get a birds eye view of your sales for the month in one view. Using the best CRM software in Mangalore, you can easily grow your sales and sales team performance and track the activities of every lead and its progress in closure in an effective way.

Benefit 6

You can be able to easilyĀ track the history of communicationĀ that happened with the lead in one click. Even if you allocate the lead to a new executive for any reason, the new sales executive can speak to the lead as if they are in touch with them for a very long time.

Also, the manager or team leader can see the history of communication and can guide the sales team member for improvement or suggestions, if any using the best CRM software in Mangalore.

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Benefit 7

Document managementĀ is made very simple and easy using the best CRM software in Mangalore. This is because you can be able to upload any number of files to a lead, deal, or client and can refer to the same easily in the future. You can search using the contact number in the future quickly.

We donā€™t restrict you from uploading a number of files and you can also upload the files based on your required formats. This means you can be able to upload an unlimited number of files to a lead or deal and use it whenever required.

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2X your Closure Rate in No Time

Using the tools available in the best CRM software in Mangalore for your business, you can easily increase your conversion rate very quickly as easily. This has been provided highly effective for many clients.

Using the lead nurturing tools and all other automation functions, you can make most of your work on an automated basis which will consume a lot of time.

This means that the errors also will reduce as everything happens automatically once you have scheduled the things to perform on auto-pilot mode.

We have also got the support ticket module which will help you to manage your post-sales functions in a highly effective way. The post-sales support helps you to retain your client for a very long time.

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