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Solid Performers CRM is a budget-friendly and easy-to-use CRM that you can consider while looking for the Best CRM software in Gurgaon. You can perform all the activities from capturing the leads from different sources to the closure of that lead. You will also get the option to integrate the cloud telephony services where you can manage and track your employees.

Get all kinds of customization available here for every business. Get the option of managing your lead, deal, and client as well as creating the proposal, proforma invoice, and invoice from one platform.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Gurgaon?

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All-in-One CRM

You don’t have to go to the different panels and do the work instead work on only one panel where you will get all the options from receiving leads from integrated sources, calling/messaging from CRM to managing your client by giving them support online using the best CRM Software in Gurgaon.

The CRM gives you both pre-sales to post-sales modules and also all kinds of integration.

Multiple Profiles

Very few CRM will provide you to add more than 1 company profile and Solid Performers CRM gives you the option to add more than one company under your primary account. And also you can create the proposal, Proforma invoice, and invoice based on the company profile with a completely different entity.

This will be really helpful if you want to manage multiple businesses under one panel.

Follow-ups and Alerts

Half of the closure depends upon the kind of follow-up we do with our client, if we fail to do the follow-up and miss any follow-up then you are losing 70% of your closure.

To avoid any kind of follow up you can also set a push notification in your system so that it can remind you of the particular time when you have to do the follow-up. We have an option where you can send automated Emails, SMS, or Whatsapp and notify them about the follow-up easily.

Manage Lead, Deal, and Client

You can manage your Lead, deal, or client in a different module and for each module, you will get the notification for the following as well using the best CRM Software in Gurgaon. You can have a stage or status for each module so that it will become easy for you to identify the progress of each client.

You will also get the logs whenever you are sending any emails, SMS, calls, or Whatsapp to your lead, deal, or client. All the logs with the time will be recorded. You can also transfer from a lead to a deal or deal to a client and can transfer all the data present in 1 module to another in just one single click using the best CRM software in Gurgaon.

Solid Performers also give the option to filter through multiple conditions in just 1 click, it also provides you to prioritize the lead, deal, or client according to the discussion you had with them. So that it will be on top of the page and you can concentrate more on that lead, deal, or client.

Sales dashboard

We have designed a sales dashboard to get the daily or monthly reports of our executives in a graphical representation from the best CRM software in Gurgaon. You will get to know in total how many targets you have provided to each of your employees and how much pipeline you have this month and in the coming months.

This will help you to forecast and plan for your future investment accordingly. The target completed will also show in that dashboard and if the target is completed then from how many deals they have received this target. The entire detail will be shown in one single dashboard.

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History Management

The best CRM Software in Gurgaon also helps you to check the history of the leads like the lead coming from which source and allocated to whom and how many times and to whom the leads have been allocated. All the history of updates done with regard to that lead will be stored in one place.

You can also check the login history of when and where your CRM has been accessed and at what time, you can also restrict the IP address from where you don’t want your employees to access the CRM. Keeping this all in mind Solid performers CRM is the safe and best CRM Software in Gurgaon.

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Support Ticket Management

Solid Performers CRM gives you the option to integrate your support form from your website so that whenever any query is being raised that can capture automatically in the CRM and allocated to a particular support person, doing this will save a lot of time.

You will also have the option to check the activity and progress of each ticket. Once the ticket is completed, you can also keep predefined templates and send them a mail, SMS, or WhatsApp for the completion of the ticket using the best CRM software in Gurgaon. You will also have an option where you can automate the process as well of sending the completion ticket by mail, SMS, or Whatsapp.

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Employee Management

Solid performers CRM is said to be the best CRM Software in Gurgaon because it also provides your employees to punch in and punch out in the system whenever they start the day or end the day, and based on the punch-in timings it will automatically provide you the calculations of how much working hours they did, and if they don’t complete their 8 hrs of work you can track them as well.

It is the best CRM Software in Gurgaon to check the attendance of your employees and performance on one platform without taking any other software separately for employee management.

The employees can be able to punch in or punch out using the mobile app as well. This will make the work much easier for them even if they are working from home or outside.

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