Do small businesses need a CRM? If so, Why? Understand the top 3 primary benefits of using CRM

Why Do Small Businesses Need CRM?

Here are the top 3 benefits of using CRM in your business


Follow up

Data Management

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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top 3 benefits of using CRM in your business.

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Number 1, Automation.


Many small businesses don’t have enough employees to manage all their sales activities on a regular basis. Not only the sales activities, but they also don’t even have time to manage their existing clients.


Due to that, if you see the churn rate will be really high when compared with any other big companies because they don’t follow up with their existing clients on a regular basis, as well as in acquiring a new client.


Also, if the turnaround time is 45 to 60 days, very few times do we use to follow up with them for that much time period because many times things happen and we used to forget to follow up with them and we don’t even remember them an accurate certain span of time.


Now, this is one of the primary reasons a CRM software is really required for you, and that too, with an automation function.


Now, if an automation function is there, then what will happen is the CRM system will take care of your manual work, no need to follow up with a client on a manual basis all the time.


Instead, the system will take care of it automatically. Similarly, sending a mail, invitation, greetings, whatever you want to do with a client or a lead or a potential prospect.


Everything can be taken care of by CRM software. Hence, this is one of the primary reasons why CRM software is really required for small businesses.


Number 2, Follow-Up.


What will happen is most small businesses, the marketing person will be either the CEO or MD of the organization.


when they are taking care of the marketing, as well as all other functions of the businesses, they tend to forget what they need to do in terms of following up with the client.


They might not be able to remember when they should call the existing lead. And even if they’re calling, they might not remember what is the previous conversation they had with the lead.


This can be completely eradicated with the help of CRM software.


CRM software, will help you when you need to perform the next follow-up. It’ll give you a notification alert and many other options to make sure that you will never miss a follow-up.


And you will also have the history of communication that you have had with the previous lead.


In that case, even if you’re getting 100 leads every day, still, you will be in a position to manage all the leads with the complete data of the lead in a better way.


This will make sure that you are not missing a lead due to not following up because 50% of the leads are lost due to no proper follow-up.


The 3rd and most important benefit is Data Management.


Now, data management not only stays with simply managing the data when a new inquiry comes or managing its inquiry data.


It also helps you to maintain the entire history of the conversation that you had with the lead.


Imagine in most small-size companies, an executive or an employee joins, and they leave the company very often because this is a general standard, which is happening in small and medium-scale enterprises.


Even if your employee leaves the company, it will be very easy for you to follow up with the lead without communicating with the existing employee in an easy manner.


The reason is all the previous data of the lead is already captured in the CRM. You have a complete history of whatever communication that you have had with the lead. And so it’ll be very easy for you to follow up with the lead.


Hence data management is very simple and very effective and very useful with the help of CRM.


These were the answers to why small businesses need a CRM


Now take this case in case you’re having CRM software and you are investing a very small amount in this to manage your business data and activities. Now just take only these three benefits, and leave all other benefits. Just imagine how useful it’ll be in case you are coming up with this kind of situation.


That is a primary reason most small businesses are in need of CRM software and they might not be aware that they need CRM software, but CRM is really required for all small and medium-scale enterprises.


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