What is a CRM Software?

How does it help to grow my Business?

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Myself Saravanan. I’m the founder and CEO of Solid Performance CRM. In this blog, I will be sharing with you what is a CRM Software and the top five benefits of using a CRM in. a business. 

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A CRM simply stands for Customer Relationship Management. So if you are running a business and want to manage all the data of your clients, and inquiries, which is the leads and deals, whatever we are having, then CRM is the best tool to use it. And it will surely help you in your business growth.

Number one is effective management of data. Now you are having all of your data over the past few years of running your business in case it is not consolidated, it will not be put for any proper use. This CRM tool will help you in managing all of your data in a much more effective way.

You can be able to get lots of insights from the data, what you’re having from your existing clients or leads, and you can run campaigns and stuff like that, to get more closures happening from the existing data instead of going and searching on for a new data. That is one of the primary benefits of CRM for your question what is a CRM Software.

The next is the quick response with reduced response time in general, what happens when you get an inquiry it’ll take a lot of time for you to see your mail, or you have to take time to respond to all the inquiries, whatever you are receiving.

Now, if you’re using a CRM tool, all these processes will be almost automated. The primary features in case you’re running advertisements on Facebook or Google or your landing pages, whatever it is now, when employees land on your website or in your contact form automatically, it’ll be added to the CRM. Now, once it got added to the CRM, it’ll be notified to your employees using various channels like SMS, WhatsApp emails, and you know, notifications kind of thing.

Now, in this case, what will happen is your employees can be able to respond much faster. Now that’s what is required, right? Because any inquiry which you’re getting, if you respond to them within five minutes or 10 minutes of receiving the lead, it is the conversion ratio will be really high. So that’s another important benefit for your question what is a CRM Software.

Know more to your question What is a CRM Software?

The next most important thing is sales automation with reduced manual books. Automation everybody loves it. Why? Because when you’re receiving an inquiry, you have to send a welcome mail and a follow mail sequence on all those things. And many, a times you don’t know whether it is a potential lead or you’re simply following up and wasting your time. Now, this is mainly happening for the sales team because they don’t know simply they are just following up with the leads, basically what they’re received. And it’ll be very difficult for them to manage those data.

If you’re using a sales automation CRM, like Solid Performers, you’ll be having lots of features to automate most of the manual works like, sending an email based on various data and stages, as well as on various conditions like nurturing release and stuff like that. It happens automatically. That is no need for you to put an employee to monitor and do all these activities, that is the next important benefit for your question what is a CRM Software.

The next important thing is increased conversions from follow-ups you think about it, how many follow-ups you are done properly. And in case you receive an inquiry before even two weeks with how many inquiries or least you are still in touch with very few, right?.

Now, with the help of CRM software, you can be able to manage and track all the activities, whatever is happening in the previous duration with a particular lead, and you can be able to track and follow with them in a very easy and effective way. That is one of the primary benefits of your question what is a CRM Software because many, a time we miss a conversion due to not followingup. So now, if you don’t want that to happen, you have to make sure that you’re performing follow-ups.

And many tools are there to perform the follow-up, like, as you can put a reminder in Google calendar and all those things, but a CRM is having many advanced features. You can be able to manage all of your history of the conversation, whatever you had with the lead, and you’ll not miss out on any of the data. So that’s why I told, managing data is a primary for your question what is a CRM Software.

Now, the last and the most important benefit is to build a pipeline and generate reports. Now, any business, any scaling or growing business for them building a lead pipeline or building a deal pipeline is really important. And they need lots of reports to understand what is the output that they have generated over the past few months or years, to do this, it is required for them to segregate all their data properly, and CRM will make sure that this is happening. That is the last benefit in understanding What is a CRM Software

These are all the five benefits of using a CRM. And as I told you in the beginning, I’m going to give you a free bonus for you to experience CRM. So down below the blog, I have shared the link to Solid Performance CRM trial.

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I hope you got the answer to your question What is a CRM Software in this blog. Write your comments below and we are here to answer your questions.

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