CRM is a software that covers a broad set of applications that are required for business processes like customer data, customer interaction, assessing business information. There are many reputed CRM development companies in India. CRM is a short form of Customer Relationship Management. The main features of CRM software are Organizing Customer Data, Reporting, and Dashboards, Lead Management, Deals and Tasks, Campaign Management, Email Tracking, Social Media Management, Mobile Version. CRM software is important in running a successful business. With the help of CRM software, it is easy to conduct business and generate revenue. Below is the list of Top 10 CRM Providers in India. Solid Performers CRM is a no1 CRM software in India.

How Solid Performers Help Your Business

Solid Performers is one of the top CRM software providers in India. It is an ideal choice right from start-ups to small and medium enterprises. Solid performers is exclusively designed to manage all the business manual tasks, activity updates, sales automation, invoicing, daily timesheet, email marketing, marketing automation, support system, task management, track your sales and much more at a single platform.

In solid Performers CRM, the possibilities are limitless. It provides the ultimate tool to build relationships, maximize engagement, and drive business growth. Solid performers offers a unified sales and marketing platform designed to help you and your team successfully grow your business. Sales automation feature is a major benefit of this CRM from this users can focus on other aspects of driving their business and keeping in touch with partners while all the sales happen.

A solid Performers provides a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system that is highly customizable as per the requirements of small and medium enterprises. Its graphical user interface comes with CRM tools such as sales and marketing automation, and a help desk, product configuration and reporting, and customer analytics. This CRM provides users with multi-channel support, enabling organizations to connect with their clients through email, live chat, phone, and social media platforms.

Solid Performers provides support to all your sales and marketing activities. They provide a support for you in creating a lead, accessing reports, and scheduling email campaigns. It is also highly customizable as per the business and industry requirements and very affordable too.

Solid Performers is a Perfect CRM For Start-ups

Every features in Solid Performers is smartly designed to improve your customer relationship. Stay ahead of the curve by dealing efficiently with your day-to-day operations and give your customers more reasons to work with you.

With Solid performers-
  • Get valuable insights to optimize your sales performance
  • Know where is your business heading with intuitive reports
  • Forecast trends and strategize you plan of action
  • Stay on schedule with timely notification
  • Interact better and build lasting relationships with your customers
  • Boost your productivity by integrating with applications you already use

Convert Deals Quickly With Effective Management

Don’t waste your deals, quickly nurture and close them with effective deal management from Solid Performer. Know which deals are moving in more profit direction and which need your attention with information-rich insights of your deal pipeline.

View each detail about your deal on a single screen with Solid Performers. Easily add, sort and prioritize high-value deals. Track their activities and change their stages directly without any difficulties.

Keep Your Contacts Sorted

Avoid clutter and confusion by keeping all your contacts in one place with Solid Performers CRM. Know which deals they are involved in and track their interaction with your company to understand their specific requirements.

Prioritize contacts and connect with them on-time with timely follow up reminders. With a graphical timeline view of the contact history, get valuable information that can aid in nurturing the deals. Moreover, with Solid Performers contact management feature, you can email, message and notify bulk contacts together and save your precious time.

Get Vital Information With Insightful Reports

Consolidate streams of data and refine them into actionable insights using Solid Performers real-time reporting. Create valuable reports in seconds and use the information as the base for creating strategies and planning. Using Solid Performers, you can even customize your reports to get the exact information you need for your unique business requirements.

Eliminate Repetitive Processes With Workflow Automation

Stop spending your valuable hours on undertakings that don’t enhance your deals. Increase your business effectiveness with sales automation and close more deals in less time. By using Solid Performers, you can set workflows and automate most of the repetitive sales processes. Give more attention to your opportunities and strengthen your customer relationship by eliminating the extra task from you.

Sell Seamlessly With CRM Mobility

Get ready for unplanned calls from valuable customers with solid performer mobile app. Solid Performers gives you round the clock access to crucial information to interact with customers at any hour of the day. Turn your dead time into profitable hours when you are out of the office with solid performer CRM.

Why Solid Performers Is The Best Sales Solution For Your Business

  • It is Customizable: Solid performer is a flexible sales solution that can be tailored to your unique requirements. Customize according to your business process.
  • It is Very Easy to Use: Solid performer has a simple interface and it is user-friendly. Sales representative can easily adapt and use the CRM without any complications.
  • Explore Before Investing: Solid Performers offers free trial so that you can try the system and explore the excellent features before investing in it.
  • Get Flexibility to Meet Any Business Requirement: Regardless if you’re a single or multi-channel business, it offers flexibility to address any business workflow or requirement.
  • Enjoy a 360° View of Your Customer: Know your customer journey and offer a superior customer experience by tracking, which leads to convert into opportunities and which opportunities close into customers.
  • Launch Intelligent Sales Campaigns: Create a sequence for your sales activities, or shuffle them up based on a recipient’s behavior.

Solid Performers is a leading CRM provider in India. The CRM is basically developed to manage queries and requests of the clients or customers. This will always help in promoting business and bringing necessary changes in the IT industries. Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Agile CRM, Focus CRM, these are the some CRM software similar to Solid Performers.

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