CRM is a process through which a company maintains interaction with both potential and existing customers. It is a means to store a lot of information which the marketing, sales and other team members will have access to. In earlier days people use of spreadsheets and other informal means to store customer’s information. But as the business grows, the customer base also increased and they need to be speed. Spreadsheets and other forms of manually storing information could not work speed, by using CRM you can increase the speed and also time. Solid Performers is a best CRM software in India, because it is Very Simple and Easy to Use CRM Software.

Salespeople are constantly being pulled and pushed in one direction or another. You have to make new contacts, generate leads, maintain relationships with current customers while also keeping track of everything and creating reports. Because sales is so complex, it is crucial that the tools you use simplify the process rather than complicate it.

Solid Performers CRM helps you to maintain the database of your customers, automate communications, manage employee’s project, keep every interaction you have with your customers amongst several other uses.      

Benefits of Using Solid Performers CRM

  • Data Management:

Solid Performers helps you to organize data like customer information, bank details, communication history, sales opportunities all in one centralized database. All your data stored in a single place means that you can have quick access to any information you need thereby aiding fast and easy decision making. This also removes internal conflicts as the whole system becomes more transparent. Solid Performers is a user-friendly, Simple and Easy to Use CRM Software.

  • Increases Efficiency:

Solid Performers provides data to various departments through a single source thereby allowing team members to collaborate with each other. Customer experience gets enhanced, which in turn leads to better sales.

It also automates repetitive tasks which are burdensome and time-consuming. Instead, your sales team can focus on tasks that will boost the company’s productivity. Solid Performers CRM helps with task organization, sharing, scheduling, and time tracking thereby saving time.

  • Improves Customer Service:

customer service is important for any business in creating relationships with your target audience. If you give a good customer service it will create a positive impact while bad customer service will create a negative impact which will affect for your business in the long run.

Solid Performers gather all your customer’s information in one database This makes it faster and easier to respond to customer related issues. Knowing the previous communication of each customer will enable your team to deliver better and personalized customer service.

  • Optimizes Your Marketing:

Solid Performers CRM helps your business to have a cost-efficient and targeted marketing program. It has important data such as customers purchases, likes and dislikes, demographics, etc which helps in creating focused marketing campaigns that are appealing and relevant to customers. By optimizing your marketing resources, your revenue is guaranteed to increase.

  • Boosts Customer Retention:

Gaining new customer is important, it is more prudent to retain your old customers. Solid Performers provides you with detailed information on each customer like their purchase history, responses to your services, complaints made, etc.

This data can help you to identify your customer’s needs, come up with solutions that will meet their needs thereby leading to customer satisfaction and increased retention. Feedback from customers can be used in making strategic decisions at a higher level which will aid customer retention.

  • Builds Stronger Data Security:

Solid Performers offer greater protection through CRM controls like; withholding certain edit permissions, restricting access for account managers, protect sensitive data with field-level security controls, restrict users from exporting data, etc. These procedures can protect your data better than the local spreadsheets.

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