No.1 CRM with a Sales Funnel

Solid Performer is a no1 CRM with a sales funnel. And the new version of a Solid Performer comes with multiple sales funnels.

What’s a sales funnel? essentially sales funnel is a visualization of various stages required to complete sales process. Solid Performer CRM instantly shows you which sale stages should be improved and how many leads or clients you have in various deal stages.

In Solid Performer there is no need for sales funnel templates, all you have to do is set lead and deal stages that are relevant to your sales process and Solid Performer does the rest.

What’s the problem with CRM software or free sales funnel tools that offers only one sales funnel? Suppose you sell construction equipment. Your business might consist of four distinctly different pieces. First, you sell the equipment. Second, you rent out the same type of equipment on a short term basis. Third, you do repairs and most of repair are done for clients who didn’t buy the equipment from you. Fourth, you sell parts to anyone who needs them, online and offline.

Clearly these revenue steams require different business processes – different target audiences, different marketing campaign, different stages, different price points, etc. If you think about diversifying your business, you need CRM that can accommodate that, and unfortunately there are very few systems that let you build multiple sales funnels.

Importantly, sales funnel is only one of many sales automation tools available to Solid Performer users. Register now for a free trial of a software.

no1 CRM with a sales funnel

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