No.1 CRM for Call Centers

When you operate a robust call center, your goal is to provide world-class customer support. Providing good customer service is very important, to increasing and maintaining customer satisfaction levels. Solid Performer is a no1 CRM for call centers. Solid Performer CRM provides you with the customer support tools you need to improve first call response rates by providing you with the ability to deliver 24-hour customer service.

Solid Performer connects all of your customer support representatives through a single platform that automates the routing, ticket labeling, and processing of incoming support calls. It is most valuable when used in conjunction with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This is because every call that comes in is tracked by the CRM record of the contact that made the call, and you get a full 360-degree view of all the customer support interactions that you have had with that customer. This is true not only for your support representatives, but also your marketing and sales teams, as well as anyone else who uses your CRM.

Solid Performers Call Center CRM Software Features

  • Advanced Telephony Integrations:

One of the primary benefits of Solid Performer CRM software is that it allows you to integrate your system with third-party telephony apps through which you likely make and receive calls. Once integrated, you can make and receive calls, through those third-party apps, without ever leaving Solid Performer CRM.

  • Outbound calls:

With Solid Performer CRM, you can make outbound calls with ease. Simply search for and open the contact record of the individual you are trying to reach, and you will get an option to place a direct call to them via Solid Performer CRM. All you need is a headset with a mic, and you are all set to place an outbound call to anyone in your CRM system.

  • Inbound calls:

Similarly, you can receive calls through those integrated apps while working in Solid Performer CRM. When a call comes in, you will see a notification of an incoming call appear on-screen, and you can click to answer and take the call. If your representative is already on a call, the call center will recognize that and ask if they wish to answer it or ignore it.

  • Call Recording:

Solid Performer CRM maintain complete transparency when operating a call center. Solid Performer’s live customer support software allows you to save every call record made and received. It also allows representative to go back and reference the recording for something they may have missed in the conversation. Register now to get a free access of a software.

Benefits Of Using Solid Performers CRM For Call Centers

  • Easy Access to Data:

Solid Performers CRM gives agents the full range of customer information. Customer information is made up by the necessary data from different contact data from the purchase and service history, thereby reducing the demand for agents to connect with customers in a convenient, cautious and customized manner, which has the potential for early detection.

  • Increase Sale:

The main advantage of Solid Performers CRM is an increase in sales because the software is focused on acquiring new customers, upgrading the association with existing customers, and keeping client connections.

  • Advanced Customer Service:

A customer who calls the call center always hopes that the agent should have all the necessary information and respond to the quick and effective inquiry as soon as possible.

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no1 CRM for call centers

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