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Our CRM will not only help you to manage your enquiries, clients, proposals & invoices but also help you to perform the entire project management. It help you to keep track of all the projects & its tasks along with documentation which are connected with each project.

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Reasons to choose Solid Performer’s CRM as an Interior designer

Implementing the CRM in your business will take less than 1 hour time but will provide you with 10X Growth in a short span of time.

Also, our system is straightforward and you can quickly implement the CRM and train your team at a much faster rate when compared with any other CRM.

CRM Software for Interior Designers to grow your business faster

Interior Design is the work that needs to be done with total care and intensity. And for any business developers who are with Interior Design will look for the perfect software to manage it. The CRM software for interior designers will make it happiest and heart full of warmth. The best interior design software will be useful for the company as they will increase their revenue by getting and delivering correct orders and deals. The best software for interior design will be different and effective in its own way. CRM from Solid Performers will make a great change in the business. Solid Performers help to run the flow of your business. With all these Solid Performers CRM for interior designers, you can shine as an astonishing CRM developer for Interior designers.


What is CRM?

CRM is always a combination of strategies, ideas, management, and software that enhance a strong trust and relationship between the company and its users. CRM is Customer Relationship Management. It is the thing that withholds every plan, technique, tool, and method of a project to enhance its own way of methodology. CRM is the worldwide software that cares and ensures every step of each and every project with the customers and the company to flourish in its own way. It brings a mountainous profit and keeps on increasing. It collects all the information of the customers who are involved with the company from various platforms. And that’s it the CRM inculcates all the basic, official information, dealings, and history before and after to maintain a proper chain between the two of them.


The purpose of CRM: CRM basically forms and wins the trust of the customer. CRM does all the work that is related to customers as finding new customers. After finding them, let them know about our company’s solid Performers. Once all set the trust between our company and the customer is an unbreakable bond. And we provide all the services that will be needed from each side. CRM serves as the best as it holds all the details in one place and gives solutions for all the issues.


Solid Performers CRM gives perfect CRM software for interior designers with planning, design, and other details. For this, the customer details, database between the company and the customer, and sending the customer details would be done using this software. We basically give all the information about who is coming into the website and enquiring about the products or services offered by the company. CRM software that we provide will give confidence to one’s business to enrich them in a growing process.

It will be engaged with all the customer details and make possible future customers or working with them. CRM software will also note all the users and track them accordingly to their subscriptions. Getting and logging the feedback and the issues faced by the customers will be immediately resolved. Prioritize each and every work as it will reduce the tension and messiness created in the location.


How CRM works?

CRM generally has a format to proceed with. It trails the clients and the company talking with many numbers of channels. These ways may obviously look forward to emails, phone calls, etc. It gives an easy job and pressure less work for the management sales team. These companies would just have followed their traditional thinking. Our CRM will make it think and work in a place out of the box to the next level of thought. The CRM software that is being developed by Solid Performers has the potential to manage analytical capabilities, marketing, and even leads can be generated and moved into the work. The CRM software by us will be a great game-changer in the interior design business.


Why choose Solid Performer’s CRM as an Interior designer?

We will take the customers to the land of designs and manage multiple customers at a time. We gave deep importance to our customers. As the CRM software will engage all modes of interior design. The software provides an end to end-customer services with emails, messages, mobiles, etc. We stand with the accountability of quality and customer satisfaction which we pay to the fullest. CRM of Solid Performers gives the assurance of certain qualities. They are:

    • Numerous Branch Governance
    • Notification
    • Contact Development

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