How to Automate the Sales Follow Up.

Quick and simple tips to automate sales follow-ups.

I’ll be sharing with you the primary importance of a follow-up and how you can automate it on an easy basis so that you will never miss a follow-up again. And the system will also take care of the follow-up in an automated manner.

If you see in general, it takes 7 to 15 follow up with a particular lead to convert that particular lead to a prospect and then to a client. If you miss out on certain 1 or 2 follow up in the middle, it might be difficult for you to get the closure done.

Now, you think about this, how many times you missed a follow up and you missed a prospect because of that. If you don’t want that to happen make sure to go through this blog.

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The first and foremost thing that you need to do while setting up automation for follow-up is to prepare the action plan.

When do you need to follow up with the lead or a client or a prospect? What are the different stages or steps involved in this follow-up?

Because once you make this action flow ready, you will easily understand how many of these can be automated. And how many of these do you have to do because certain follow up, you have to do it personally.

Obviously, you have to call and speak with them. But what happens is the system will give you a reminder so that you will not miss out on a follow-up. And even if you miss out on a follow-up at times, it’ll show you multiple reminders so that you will never miss out at all.

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Now, once this action plan is ready, then get the right CRM.

I would really recommend you to try out Solid Performers CRM because it has got all the right tools to automate your follow-up in a much more effective way.

Solid Performers has got the option to send automated follow-ups. They also have the option to send you a notification when you have to do a manual follow-up. And it also does multiple automated follow-ups without any manual intervention, once your setup is done.

So I recommend you to try Solid Performers, but you can also choose any CRM on your own, but make sure to follow this process.

Now, once you chose the CRM, then set up the automation.

As I told in step one, based on the action plan, whatever you have prepared, you are going to set up the automation.

You should not miss out on any important activities, all these activities, whatever you are doing manually at this point in time, you have to automate it at least 60 to 70 percent of these manual activities need to be automated.

Rest obviously you have to do it manually as there is no other option.

Now, in case your product is an IT or SAAS product, you can obviously automate up to 90 to 95%. It is completely based on your product or service.

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Once this automation is set up in the CRM, you will be getting timely reminders and updates regarding the follow-up that you have to do manually. And the system will automatically take care of the things that it has to do automatically.

Once this is implemented, I can surely assure you that you will save at least one hour of your time every day. Yes, it is really possible.

And you will see a drastic improvement in terms of your closure ratio also because when a follow-up is performed in an effective way, you will be having a complete idea of the leads and the deals.

What is there and what are all the different stages in which the leads or deals are there. Now, that is what you need to make sure that you are performing your sales automation, and follow up in a much more effective way.


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