Best Sales CRM Software in Singapore

Looking for the Best Sales CRM Software in Singapore for your Sales and Business Growth? Here is the perfect solution to increase your sales and closure rate by at least 2X in less than 90 days. Solid Performers CRM Stands out as the Best Sales CRM Software in Singapore in terms of lead management, deal management, proposal management, and efficient client management.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Singapore?

Being the best in the market needs a lot of research and hearing the pain points of customers over and over multiple times and providing the best product which meets the expectations of the customers.

This had made Solid Performers CRM one of the Best Sales CRM Software in Singapore with lots of dedication towards sustainability and growth. Some of the primary points which stand out by using Solid Performers CRM are as follows,

It helps you to increase the sales as well as the closure rate of your leads

It helps you to perform slots of automation and you can easily reduce manual works

It helps you to maintain all the sales data to a high conversion rate for a very long time

It helps you to build a Health Sales Pipeline and forecast your business better

It helps you to perform automated and manual follow-ups so that you will never miss a sales followup

We can say a lot of benefits like this but these above points are more than enough to decide the best Sales CRM Software Solution for your Business.

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All in One Lead Integration

Leads from Various sources will be landed in the CRM directly without any kind of manual work with quick and easy integration. Save lots of time with an intelligent system.

Sales Automation

From allocating the leads to your sales team to sending welcome and follow-up lead nurturing emails, everything will be taken care of on an automated basis.

Robust Pipeline Builder

With simple and quick ways to generate your sales pipeline, Solid Performers stands out in every aspect by keeping and making your life easy & simple.

Advanced Sales Automation

You can easily collect all your leads from various sources to the CRM Software directly and then the leads will be allocated automatically to your sales team members automatically based on the pre-defined conditions. Once the leads are allocated, they will be intimated through push notifications or SMS or email that a new lead is allocated to them. Meanwhile, the system will also send an automated welcome email or SMS to the lead who made the inquiry as well. Everything will be automated and you can take the stress off your head by not doing the same manual work again and again.

Smart Lead Nurturing Tool

With the help of Solid Performers CRM, you can also be able to nurture your leads easily by sending automated emails or SMS within certain time gap intervals. You can set up automating the lead nurturing process based on various criteria and the system will take care of it on an automated basis. The best part is you need to set this thing once and you can forget. The system will take care of the rest on an automated basis. You can invest your valuable time in any other high-priority activities that will help you to boost your business growth as we are here to take care of this work effectively.

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End to End Business Management Software

Not just leads but Solid Performers CRM performs a lot more functions with regard to both pre-sales and post-sales activities. That is one of the primary reasons why Solid Performers CRM is considered one of the Best Sales CRM Software in Singapore. You can manage your leads, deals, contacts, clients, proposals & invoices in one place.

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