Best Sales CRM Software in India with 5X Sales Growth Possibility

Looking for the Best Sales CRM Software in India? Here is the perfect solution. With Advanced Sales Automation and the option to add unlimited data under every module, Solid Performers CRM stands out as one of the Best Sales CRM Software in India.

You can read this entire article to know much better about Solid Performers CRM and its primary benefits of using it for your sales and business growth.

This is one of the very few CRM which provide both pre-sales and post-sales CRM functions under one single panel and all the team members can work collaboratively in an effective way. Get started for free or schedule a Live demo to understand more about the best sales CRM software in India.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in India?


Here are some of the primary factors to consider Solid Performers CRM is one of the Best Sales CRM Software in India.

Efficient & Easy to Use Lead Management Functions.

Advanced Sales Automation includes integration and automation.

Omnichannel Follow-Up Reminder System.

Maintain the complete history of communication with the lead.

High Flexibility in modifying the fields and other functions.


Some of these are the primary features and we have got multiple other benefits in order to show that Solid Performers CRM is one of the best Sales CRM Software in India for your Business. Also, Solid Performers CRM is 100% made in India and is a product of India.

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Smart Follow-Up System

Never miss a follow-up again which will end up in losing a huge business opportunity. Our system will provide alerts, and reminders & also perform automated follow-ups in various channels if required. You can set any kind of reminder alert in various channels using the best sales CRM software in India.

Access across all devices

You can be able to use the CRM from your Mobile, Laptop, or Desktop. All data will be synched parallelly across devices and you can be able to access the system from anywhere in a secured way. With the World Class IT infrastructure, your data is accessible at any time as per your need.

Robust Pipeline Builder

Business growth happens primarily with the help of business forecasting and that needs a strong pipeline management system. With Solid Performers CRM which is one of the best sales CRM software in India, you can be able to build a strong pipeline and forecast business effectively.

Lead to Deal to Client

With the option to manage data under various modules with various additional functions for easy closure, you can perform the closure at a much higher rate. You can also convert a lead to a deal and a deal to the client or a lead to a client directly in one click. All the data will be easily transferred from one module to another without any kind of repeated data entry.

You will have additional tools like the expected closure rate, closure value, and probability of closure in the deal module. These fields will help you to build a healthy sales pipeline as well.

Advanced Sales Automation

You can easily perform advanced automation with Solid Performers CRM. You can also be able to nurture your leads easily by sending automated emails or SMS within certain time gap intervals. You can set up automating the lead nurturing process based on various criteria and the system will take care of it on an automated basis.

The best part is you need to set this thing once and you can forget. You can invest your valuable time in any other high-priority activities that will help you to boost your business growth.

Got Some Basic idea about Solid Performers CRM?

Want to know more about Solid Performers CRM and how it will help you in your Business Growth?

Increase your Closure rate by 5X or 10X in No Time

Various companies use CRM for various purposes. You might be looking for managing your leads and deals or managing your clients and support tickets. Some might be looking to manage their proposals and pipeline. We have solutions for everything. Get the best Sales CRM Software in India for your Sales and Business Growth.

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User Role Management

CRM helps in not just managing customers but also employees. The best Sales CRM software in India helps the company by assigning various user roles based on the employee’s qualifications. The employees are provided with prior training on using the company’s system to avoid confusion and mistakes. The employees are aware of the company’s activities and operate accordingly.

The team members are alerted in case there is an appointment or any important event and the designated person is either absent or discontinued working. The employees can also mark attendance in the system. Team collaboration is ensured with the advanced modules and features of the CRM system.

Time Sheet Management

Any systematic approach helps you save a lot of time. The CRM implementation looks after all the automaton processes of the company. The sales staff of the company is constantly busy maintaining records manually which is highly reduced after CRM comes into the picture. All the data in the system is either generated from other sources or bulk or manually uploaded into the system.

The data once stored cannot be lost unless done it purposely. The automatic reports are accurate and precise which helps in making further decisions and sets targets within a few minutes. The time is saved, the cost is saved, the expansion is quick, and the customers are satisfied with the Best Sales CRM Software in India. Solid Performers CRM will help you reach your targeted goals smoothly and efficiently.

Bulk uploads

The CRM system helps the business with bulk uploads module. All the documents and data received from offline sources can be uploaded to the system in minutes. The marketing campaigns help to upload various ads on multiple digital platforms to attract the right audience.

The campaigns help to create brand value and awareness among the audience. Email marketing is the oldest form of promoting your products online. With CRM, you can now send bulk SMS and emails to all the leads to update them about the current trend, promotional schemes, and offers. Bulk uploads help to reach numerous people in a couple of minutes. All this collectively saves the staff team stress about remembering the details of every customer or potential client.

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