When talking about the best CRM Software in India the foremost important thing to look out for is the features of CRM Software. You need to look for the available features and how they can help your workforce function better and efficiently. There are tons of CRM Software providers in India. CRM Software not only helps you manage your business operations but also, helps you manage your employees, important files, measure the data, insights, and a lot more.
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Consider these features while searching for the best CRM Software in India:-

  • Lead Management:-

It will help you track all the leads and set up reminders for each of them so that you don’t miss out on any customers. You can easily segregate the potential leads and existing leads and approach them as per your marketing strategy. More often than not your business might be generating a lot of leads but it will all be a complete waste if you are not converting them into customers. You can have a higher conversion rate if you follow up with your leads. CRM Software lets you do just that with this feature.

  • Deal Management:-

Managing a deal in a smart way is one of the most important things which will lead to effective business closure. CRM Software assists you with that in all possible ways. With the help of the CRM system, you can bring in multiple team members to work together in an individual deal along with the option to track the deal under various stages.

  • Task Management:-

Task Management lets you manage all your tasks in one place. You can create multiple projects as well as multiple tasks for the single or as many projects as you require. You can then assign these tasks to someone in your team and check the update as per your needs.

  • Sales Automation:-

Empowering your sales team to sell smarter with intelligent automation, and analytics leads to more sales. Sales automation helps you to eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and automates them to allow you and your sales team to focus more on closing sales every day.

  • Invoice Management:-

CRM Software not only provides lead and client details management but also helps you with creating and managing invoices and payments in a simple way. You can have customized tax options based on your Country Standards and currency can be changed based on your client requirement but everything can be managed in a single panel.

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  • Proposal Management:-
  • You can easily manage all your business proposals under one roof. You can edit the existing templates from the CRM Software and use them according to your need and download it as a PDF file that can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Timesheet Management:-
  • Nowadays businesses use the timesheet to record the time their employees are spending on tasks, projects, or clients. A business can meet its deadlines, maintain its budget, and achieve success when it uses time effectively.

  • Support Ticket Management:-
  • Managing the issues raised by your client for the product or service delivered is made simple with the help of the Ticketing Management System. You can automate an SMS or Email to be sent on receiving the ticket which will provide peace of mind to your clients. An automatic ticket ID will be created and the progress of the ticket can be monitored in every instance including the time taken to resolve the ticket.

  • Third-Party Integration:
  • When you have a lot of data sources it can become hard for you to manage all of them. CRM Software lets you maintain, update or analyze all of your data coming from different sources in one single place. It acts as seamless connectivity between your customer’s relationship management software and third-party integrations for your business.

  • Custom Dashboards and Reports:-
  • Each business has its own requirement and own values. With the help of CRM Software, you can now customize your business dashboards according to your business needs without any problem. You can easily monitor the progress at the end of the day or overall progress as per your desire.

  • Contact Management:-
  • You can manage unlimited contact with the help of CRM Software. Once you update the contact on the CRM Software with the help of integration the contact will automatically be linked to your Google account.

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