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If you are looking for CRM with lead distribution process automation, you have reached your destination. What is lead distribution and how does it work? You receive incoming leads. These leads need to be routed to an appropriate person inside your company. Of course, you can distribute leads manually, but a far better approach is to distribute leads automatically according to a set number of rules, like potential deal size. Solid performer is a best lead distribution software in India.

Lead distribution process with solid performer is unique to a selected lead source. For examples, this process is available Specifically for telephony and allows you to distribute incoming calls evenly, strictly as on all employees simultaneously (the phone rings for all available employees and the first person to pick up carries on with the conversation).

A similar distribution process is available for website live chat enquiries, and you can select another group of employees who are responsible for this communication channel. Likewise, queues are available for email, website forms, social media inquiries and so on.

It’s important to understand distribution of leads, solid performer is just a small part of automatic lead processing capabilities available to you. You can automate a number of the sales processes, like email marketing, online advertising, status change, supervising workflows and others.

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best lead distribution software

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