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CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) is used by every businessman in this modern world. Only a few Enterprises use to use CRM software before, but now SME businesses also started using CRM software. CRM software is used to manage the data and the client of every enterprise. CRM is used for maintaining pre-sales and post-sales.

In presales, you will get the features like maintaining the leads, getting the leads from the lead generation platform, and doing the follow-up at the correct date and time. Bringing all the leads on one page will save you time and you can easily track the status of all the leads at a time using the Best CRM Software in Thailand. Apart from presales, you will have features for post-sales that includes client management, support management, and even invoice management.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Thailand?

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One Platform

Customer relationship management is a software that will help you to manage all the leads in one place you don’t have to move in every portal and manage it. You can bring it all to one place.

There is a certain platform that is available in the Solid Performers CRM panel, for those integration Solid performers will provide you with free cost integration as this is the Best CRM Software in Thailand.

Easy Task Management

You can also add your daily task and future task and get the notification for all pending tasks so that you will be aware of completing that task on time. Solid Performers also gives you the option to sync your Mobile Calendar with your CRM calendar in the Best CRM Software in Thailand so that if you are not in front of the system you can get the notification on your mobile and you will not miss any of the tasks.

Sales Automation

If you are taking any CRM and if the automation is not available then that CRM is of no use. Automation is the most important feature you will find in the Best CRM Software in Thailand because it reduces most of the time and will increase your productivity by 5x. Sending automation emails, SMS, or WhatsApp this activity will nurture your leads, and by segregating you can find qualified and unqualified leads.

Manage Proposals and Invoices

Solid performance CRM will also give you the option to create proposals, proforma invoices, and tax invoices. It also has the features for adding multiple company profiles so that if you want to create any proforma invoice or tax invoice with another company profile then you can just choose the company profile from the dropdown and create.

There will be an option where you can keep your templates ready to use for a different company or different clients doing this will save a lot of time.

You can also have the revision of proposals and download the proposal and invoices in PDF format and send it directly from the CRM through the mail SMS and WhatsApp using the Best CRM Software in Thailand.


Most of the companies have a complaint about missing the follow-up. In Solid Performers CRM, you will not have any excuse to miss the follow-up. It is because it has all kinds of notification alerts on the system as well as has automation and push notification facility where your executive will receive the notification of their follow-up on their mail, SMS, and WhatsApp.

There will be an alert in the system where you will get a pop-up on the screen based on the time we have selected. Unless you will not do the follow up the pop-up coming on the screen will not be removed.

Once you will get a timely reminder of all the follow up then it will help in increasing the closure rate as the follow-up is the only thing where the closure rate mainly depends on.

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Finance Management

There will be an option for the finance module which is further categorized into income and expense. Income is used for your salesperson when they will close the leads or the deals, then they can come and enter the income they have earned daily, monthly, or yearly. On the other hand, the expense is used to enter the expenses made by your business which can include your advertisement expense or allowances for your employees

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Employee Management

Solid Performers will also help you to manage your employees and keep track of them. There is an option where you can track the leaves and give approval based on that in the Best CRM Software in Thailand. There will be an option to punch in and Punch out, this feature will be used for attendance management.

Can also define the employee’s role and give them access and authority according to the department or role.

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If you are taking CRM software then there should be an option to integrate with other third-party sources with Best CRM Software in Thailand. Integrating your third-party sources with CRM will help you in reducing the time and you will not move here and there for collecting the data.

Post-sale Management

Will be having a fixed process and nothing will be intervened in between. You can either integrate your website support form from Best CRM Software in Thailand or you can also create the ticket by taking a call and entering manually.

Check the progress of each ticket and once the issues are completed you can also send an automated Trigger through the mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. Post-sales management will help you in gaining the loyalty of your client by providing them with proper support.

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