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Solid performers CRM Software is developed in contemplation of all the customer needs and business preferences.

The development of any company depends upon the satisfaction of the end customer. When you have a strategized system to perform all the sales-related business exercises, the business is more likely to yield more revenue.

The business cannot depend on the old school methods of maintaining books of records and appointments, manually.

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Document Management

With CRM, the system can be fed with all the contact details, personal details and sales-related information. You can customize the program according to your business needs. You can also change the theme of your system panel for a pleasant experience.

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Team Management

When using the system, train your whole staff to use the system – about the tasks allotted, and check all the sales-related actions happening. Consistently keep updating your company details and new campaign activities will therefore keep the staff more encouraged and motivated.

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Marketing Management

The marketing and sales automation service goes hand in hand. Through various promotional campaigns run by a company and integrating them with third parties like social media and business-related activity. You can attract the right kind of audience for your company.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the BEST CRM Software in Singapore? 

With an additional benefit of bulk SMS and email, you can be in formal touch with the interested lead to turn into our potential clients.

Once a customer has an interaction with the company, the data is permanently recorded in the automated situation for future interactions.

With enhanced and automated customer service and deliverable follow-up, the sales team will always be in uproar and demand.

Being the Best CRM Software in Singapore, the potential client is given service benefits to build customer retention, resulting in consistent growth and brand loyalty.

Contact Management

The CRM software will track every action step by step, to see if you have a deal or not, in case the lead is not interested anymore, you can even thrash it creating space for the ones you are genuinely interested in. Lead nurtured for all the sources are nurtured through an organised sales pipeline to convert into a deal

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Proposal Management

 When a potential lead is converted into a deal, an automated business proposal is generated for gathering some information about the potential client, such as name, age, company, GST number etc. You don’t have to send the same proposal repeatedly to the clients. You can draft multiple proposal templates from the options available

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Metrics And Analysis Management 

With an organised sales-force pipeline, all the data is recorded in the system automatically connecting to the various modules to generate various business-related reports.

With the graphs and charts, you can analyse the business growth, whether it is profitable or at risk.

You can derive financial reports based on the proposal and invoices sent out from current and previous data.

Data analysing, is consequential in any industry, to get a perceptiveness of the market, trends and consumption level.

A profound study of data will help to make proper sales techniques in future.

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