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Get the Best CRM Software in Nairobi to Scale and Grow your Sales Team for the Best. Get all the Top Tools available in the CRM to boost your Closure Rate.

Get all-in-one features for your sales team in Solid Performers CRM. Customer Relationship Management helps you to get all the leads from different sources to one place. It will help you to identify qualified and unqualified leads. Convert from the lead stage to your opportunity and client in just 1 click using the best CRM Software in Nairobi.

Grow your business with Solid Performers CRM by implying new technology in your firm. This will not only help you in managing the lead, deal, and client but it manages your employees as well. Having Solid Performers CRM in your firm can increase your productivity to 5x times. So get started with the best CRM software in Nairobi for Free today.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Nairobi?

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There is nothing to lose but a higher probability is there for you to gain so much from Solid Performers CRM as it is one of the Best CRM Software in Nairobi.

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Pop-Up Reminders

Are you struggling by missing the follow-ups? Then Solid Performers CRM is here to get you the follow-up reminder on time. Get bell notifications for every lead, deal, client, task, and support ticket.

Reduce the burden on your employees by providing them the notification for each task through email, SMS, and WhatsApp. This automation trigger will help your employees in getting reminders even if they are not in front of the system.

Based on the date and time, you will also receive a pop-up on the screen that will not be removed until you have done the follow-up in the best CRM software in Nairobi.

Quick & Easy Customization

Solid Performers CRM doesn’t limit your wants by providing the software. It also provides customization according to your needs and requirements. Get in-build customization where you can be able to add custom modules if necessary and link them with different modules.

You can easily customize the module names, and module fields based on your business need and requirement in a few minutes without any kind of technical knowledge using the best CRM software in Nairobi.

Create and customize the reports and dashboards as per your needs. You can also get to add graphical representations like pie charts, doughnuts, horizontal bars, etc.,

Quick Integrations

If you want to start your work from CRM, then the most important thing is to add and bring all the data into the system. The best CRM Software in Nairobi provides you with quick and fast integration. Apart from the available integrations, you can be able to integrate the other third-party providers as well.

Solid Performers CRM also provides its lead API where you can share this link with your third party and bring all the data to CRM. Bringing all the leads through API will save your and your employees time and workload.

Our technical team will assist you in integrating any new lead sources. You can raise a request and we will take care of the rest.

User Management

Managing the team members and their data was never easier before. Restrict them based on their roles and responsibilities. Create a hierarchy and assign the users accordingly.

Get separate user IDs and passwords for every user. Also, there is an option where you can ban your users if they are no longer needed or left the company. Users or employees can also have attendance management and leave management in the system.

This is one of the best CRM software in Nairobi which is capable of managing your multiple sales functions under one platform including the timesheet management of your users.

Client Management

Get a high rate of satisfaction by maintaining your client effectively and efficiently. If you maintain and satisfy your existing client and the new client then half of the revenue you can get without even spending a penny.

Send automated messages through SMS, email, and WhatsApp for the due date or AMC. Maintain the loyalty of the customers by providing a prompt solution to their queries.

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Campaign management

If you want to run a campaign from CRM then Solid Performers CRM provides you with that feature as well. You can create your customized template for a discount or new services or products. Design it and get it ready before sending the mail.

You can import the data to whom you want to send from the existing lead, deal, or client. Or else if you have separate data for the campaign you can just import those into CRM.

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Task management

Add a task or allocate a task to your team members. Once any task is allocated or assigned the concerned person will get a notification. Complete the task within the given time or else it will show as pending in your notification panel.

Assign the task to more the 1 member and once completed update the status also you can mention the time took for you to complete the particular task

Support Management

Manage and maintain the client’s queries by using support management in Solid Performers CRM. Integrate your website support form with Solid Performers and get all the queries directly into the system. Support tickets can also be auto-allocated to your support department on a rotational basis using the best CRM software in Nairobi.

Get all the information like what is the issue, the expected date of completion, or the status or progress of that ticket. Send automated completion or created tickets mail to your clients as this will save time for employees.

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