Best CRM Software in Dubai- One of the Top 10 Lead Management System for your Business

Increase your Closure Rate and Implement the Lead Management System with the help of the Best CRM Software in Dubai. Track and Monitor the Performance of your Team in an easy and efficient way.

Searching for the best CRM software in Dubai that can provide you with both pre-sales and post-sales features? Then solid Performers CRM will be the best choice for every business. We are saying every business because this software is universal software that can be customized based on each industry. No need of searching for a particular industry instead, take one and make use of every feature.

Solid Performers CRM will provide features that include managing inquiries, employees, contacts, clients, support tickets, and many more. Using CRM software will help the business to run smoothly and can increase the rate of return by 10x in a short span of time.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software in Dubai?

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Design Management

Solid Performers provides you the option where you can set the theme of your CRM according to your brand color. It will have the option for menu design, pdf font size, table format, etc. You can also get various formats and layouts for proposals or quotations in the best CRM software in Dubai.

Multiple Profiles

No need to go and purchase a new CRM for your other company. Manage more than one company profile with Solid Performers CRM. Adding more than one company profile will help you when you will create the proposal, proforma invoice, or invoices using the best CRM software in Dubai. You will get an option to choose the company profile when you will create the same.

Role Management

You will have the option to provide a certain role with some responsibilities and authority to each employee. CRM will provide you the option where certain things which you don’t want to know will be hidden from them. Give them the authority for only those leads which has been allocated to them. Create a single role and allocate it to multiple users as per your need.

Lead management

Bring all the leads to one platform and segregate them into sources, stages, status, and groups. Highlight the new leads by flagging them on top of the page. Get the multi-filter option and find out by stage, status, executives, or date wise.

Get to know from which platform you are receiving the most qualified leads. All these advanced options are available in the best CRM software in Dubai. Once you get the result of qualified leads, it will help you to know where you need to focus more on lead generation. Get the logs for calls made, WhatsApp and SMS sent for each lead, deal, and client. Uploading files and data for each lead are also present.

Manage your Follow-Ups

Regular follow-up plays a very important role in getting the leads closed. And getting the notification on time for that follow-up is very important. Get a pop-up on the screen for the reminder. Even you can use the option for automation for your field executive, where you can send automated messages through mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. This will help you in increasing the closure rate as the follow-up is the only thing where the closure rate mainly depends on.

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Integrate your Lead Sources

Bring the entire leads from different platforms to one platform with the help of Solid performers CRM. With simple steps, your third-party integration will be done by just adding the API details. The platform from where you couldn’t get the API for that kind of problem you can create the API from Solid Performers and share it with the lead provider. Apart from these, we also provides you with integration with payment gateways, WhatsApp API, Cloud telephony, and many more.

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Quick & Easy Customization

Solid Performers CRM is customizable, there are many default customization available in the best CRM Software in Dubai. Even if some customization is not available in that case, you can share the requirement and they will check the feasibility and can get it done for you.

The most useful customization is the custom dashboard and report. Where you can create the analytical report and detailed report from the data present in the CRM. You will also get the option to add the modules and fields of your choice according to your business needs in the best CRM software in Dubai.

Manage finance of your company

Get to know how much you have earned and made the expense from your business. Keep the record of each expenditure and the payments and figure out on a monthly and yearly basis the profit or loss of your company using the best CRM software in Dubai.

You can store the expense made by your field executive as well as the expense made by you for advertisement. Find out which executive brought more payment from each client on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

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Sales Automation

Automation is the most important feature you will get in every CRM, that helps the business to reduce the wastage of time by 2x and increases your productivity by 5x. Set a trigger based on the condition and send it through the mail, SMS, and WhatsApp using the best CRM software in Dubai.

Through automation Solid Performers CRM will help you to nurture your leads and qualify the unqualified leads. The task taken care of by automation will help the employees to concentrate more on priority work.

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