Managing a huge number of lead data with communication updates and managing various sales team members might be difficult if you don’t use any CRM software.

But with the help of Solid Performers CRM, one of the Best CRM Software company in Trichy it is very simple and efficient to handle a huge number of leads effortlessly. Schedule a live demo with our team to understand the advantages and benefits of using Solid Performers CRM as your efficient Sales CRM to grow your business.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy?

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Smart Lead Management

Manage all your leads under one panel from various sources with the help of easy and quick integration. You can perform lots of sales automation like sending welcome emails, follow-up emails, etc., You can also set up the follow-up for the leads and you will get a timely lead follow-up reminder alert which will help you never miss a lead follow-up using the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy.

Deal Management with Pipeline

Segregate the qualified leads to the deal or opportunity module using the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy and perform multiple additional advanced functions in this module.

Quickly and easily build a sales pipeline with the expected closure value, expected date of closure, and probability of closure. You can convert the lead to a deal in one click and all the data will be transferred in a second.

Client Management with AMC’s

Using Solid Performers CRM which is the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy, you can also manage your clients with AMC’s (Annual Maintenance Contract).

The system will send you a reminder alert and perform multiple automation for your clients as well. You can also convert a lead or a deal directly to a client with one click convert option. Multiple other functions can also be easily managed using the client module.

Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Management in One Panel

Though Solid Performers CRM has got a lot of advantages, managing your pre-sales and post-sales activities under one panel is one of the main highlights of Solid Performers CRM.

Solid Performers CRM has got the option to manage your leads/inquiries, deals/ opportunities, clients/ customers, proposals/ quotations, proforma invoices, invoices, support tickets, and many more.

The Best CRM Software Company in Trichy supports multiple integrations along with. a lot of automation under every module function.

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, Solid Performers CRM stands out as one of the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy. You can also use our free trial to validate our claim.

Proposal Management

You can be able to create a business proposal in minutes and download the same in PDF format or share it directly with your prospect in minutes. You can be able to create a proposal for a lead, deal, or client. You can send them at all stages.

You can also be able to revise a proposal multiple times and all the history of old revisions will be stored for future reference. Using multiple proposal templates, you can simply import the contents for creating the proposal in just a click. You can also be able to provide multiple quotes in a single proposal. We have made all this possible in the Best CRM Software Company in Trichy.

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Invoice & Pro-forma Invoice Management

With Solid Performers CRM, you can be able to manage not just the proposal but also the proforma invoice and invoice. And the beauty is everything can be created in a few clicks.

You can convert a proposal to a proforma invoice or invoice and a proforma invoice to an invoice. All the data will be transferred in one click. You can also download the Invoices in PDF format and we have got multiple headers as well as multiple layout options to manage your invoices as per your business need. We also have got multiple-company profile option to manage multiple companies under one panel.

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Increased Closure Rate

The conversion rate of your lead can be increased easily with the help of automation. You can be able to perform automated lead nurturing which will help you to generate high-quality leads after understanding the quality of your product or service.

Using the primary modules like lead, deal, proposal, and clients, you can increase your closure rate by 5X to 10X in a very short span of time.

You can send all these things on an automated basis and can concentrate primarily on deal closure using the best CRM software company in Trichy. Don’t take our words for granted but also check out the reviews which will give you with a very good idea about the quality of our CRM solution.

Best CRM Software Company in Trichy

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