Automate the Lead Nurturing Process.

6 steps to follow

  1. Choose the right CRM
  2. Setup the sequence
  3. Monitor the success rate
  4. Modify the content if required
  5. Make the final automation and review periodically
  6. Setup a new sequence

In this blog, I will explain the steps to make your lead nurturing process more effective compared to any other old techniques you’re following.

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Step 1 – Choose the right CRM – If the CRM solution, that you’re using is not good, then you will be facing a lot of difficulties. Whatever you’re going to use should be able to send delayed emails exactly however you want to set it up.

It should also have an option to add hyperlinks and images or text along with the content in the mail. If possible, you can also add emojis in the mail. So these are all the requirements you need to consider while choosing a CRM.

Now, if you ask me for a solution, I highly recommend you to use Solid Performers CRM, because it has got all the lead nurturing processes done and set up in a much better and more effective way. I have shared the link to start the free trial, and you can use it up, set up the lead nurturing process, and see how it will help you.

Step 2 – Set up the sequence – Now setting up the sequence is highly essential in the case of the lead nurturing process, because lead nurturing is not a one-day activity. You have to set up a mail sequence for at least one month.

Over a period of one month, you can send up to 10 to 12 emails not more than that, because if you’re going to send them a mail on a daily basis, it might not be too relevant until, and unless your product or service has so many benefits and you want to share that with the prospect or lead.

pipeline builder pro

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to build your Sales Pipeline now

Step 3 – Monitor the Success rate – Once the sequence is set up, you need to monitor the success rate.

What do I mean by success rate?
When you are nurturing the lead over time, for example, let’s consider sending emails to 500 potential leads or, you know, contacts or raw data. Out of this 500, how many people are making inquiries to you? Like how many of them are submitting the lead form? What you’re having on your landing page. Now this defines the success rate of the sequence.

Once you are set up now, you really need to monitor on which mail this success rate is happening. And you can see whether you can be able to optimize this because until, unless you optimize this and make it better, you cannot be able to increase the success rate. That is really important.

Step 4 – Modify the content if required –  Understand this setting up the lead nurturing process is not a one-time activity. Many times you will think that this is a one-time activity and you can forget it forever, but it is not the case.

You have to monitor the success rate. And if the success rate is really not that good as per the expectation, you need to modify the content, you need to understand where you made a mistake, and how you can make it much better. That is what is really important.

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Step 5 – Make the final automation and review periodically – Once this sequence is reviewed and you are happy with the finding content, you can make the final automation. And again, as I said, this, also, you need to monitor it on a regular basis.

Because once you are monitoring this on a regular basis, you will get to know whether it is performing good or case if it is not performing good, how to optimize it, or even if it is performing good, you can make that performing much better than whatever it was performing before now.

Step 6 – Set up a new sequence. So what do I mean by that? For example, you are already having one set of lead sequences. Maybe you can have category A. Now you can create category B and set up a different kind of lead sequence and try it out.

What will happen is you can easily do A and B testing on which is doing better. Whether sequence A is doing better, or sequence B is doing better. If sequence B is doing much better, then you can analyze and make that new sequence a final sequence.

So always you need to perform this on a regular basis so that it will really help you in achieving much better than before. That is what is really important. And that will help you in automating your lead nurturing process in a much more effective way.


Now, one of the most important things, many people forget is the landing page. You have to make sure that your landing page is really good and it should attract the leads in such a way that whatever content you are speaking in the mail when they’re visiting a landing page, it should match the requirement whatever was told because many, times what people will do is they will not think about the landing page. They will be setting up the lead sequence and they will be redirecting all the visitors to the homepage. That is not the right idea.

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