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Tour and Travel CRM Software
Enquiry till Closure and more

Tour and Travel CRM

Organize all your Travel enquiries in a single place and increase your conversion rates. Helps in managing the system from booking till the travel and maintain all related documents of customers with excellent document management system. Connect with your customers quickly.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

Document Management

Collect all related documents regarding the service and manage all the documents under every enquiry or customer. No need to search for it everytime.

Send Proposal & Invoice

You can directly send proposal as well as invoice directly from the CRM instead of using multiple systems. You can also monitor payments from here.

Click to

Convert an enquiry to a customer in one click by capturing all the data entered during the enquiry stage to a client stage. Never redo the same work again and again.

Custom Reports

Generate custom reports based on various criterias and between a particular timeline. Various types of reports are available to improve your business growth.

Vendor Management

As this is an all in one solution, you can also be able to create and manage the vendors as well as their purchase orders & payments using our system.

Calculate Profit

You can monitor the income and expense with the help of our system which will help you to easily calculate your profit as everything is documented over here.

Enquiry Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Enquiry Management

Generate enquiries from multiple channels and collect all the enquiries in the CRM directly. You can segregate and filter the enquires with the help of various filters. All incoming enquiries based on predefined rules like locations, packages or requirements gives you a well categorized view within the enquiry management. You can allocate enquiries to specific team member based on various criterias either automatically or manually. Get automatic reminders on when to contact them again with previous history of communication happened with the enquiry.

Customer Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Customer Management

Customers can be created directly from the enquiry with all the information available for all the travel services. Customers visas and documents can be uploaded in the particular customers profile and you can manage the documents related to a client seamlessly. Multiple contact person for a customer can also be recorded for the reference on the same. You can create and send proposal & invoice directly from the CRM or you can also download in PDF format.

Follow-up Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Follow-up Management

Never miss a enquiry and stop losing an enquiry due to missed followup. Our system provides you with multiple follow-up reminders on a daily basis which you need to follow for the day, it will also provide you with popup notification in the system before 15 minutes of the followup time. Even if you miss a followup, it will always show the reminder on the followup enquiries page. Our system provides not just enquiry reminder but also provides you with timely reminder for customers whom you need to contact for any service, document or payment related queries.ment brings efficiency in your workflow.

Proposal Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Proposal Management

You can now send professional as well as perdefined proposal to your enquiries in PDF format. Can create proposal directly from the enquiries or customers. Can save the record of each proposal sent in particular customer profile. You can create a default proposal with different templates as per your requirements, so that you need not have to enter all the details again and again. You can also create multiple proposal templates based on your various tour and travel packages. Everything is made simple and easy with us.

Invoice Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Invoice Management

Convert a proposal to an invoice in one click and send it directly to the customer. Can create Invoices for the customers and track the status of the payment effectively. You can also add default bank details in invoice, so that you need not have to enter the details again and again for each customer individually. All the invoices will be recorded in the customers profile for future references. You can also send proforma invoice before receiving the payment and convert the proforma invoice to invoice after the payment is received. Tax function can be modified based on your Country Standards.

Packages Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Packages Management

All the packages of your company can be kept on one place and you can monitor the activity happending on every package on an easy way. You can also manage the maximum booking for every package. You can fetch the packages directly from the packages page while creating. aproposal, proforma invoice or invoice. You can also add custom fields in packages, so that you can add fields according to your business or package requirements.

Vendor Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

Vendor Management

Your vendors such as cabs, flights or hotels can be managed and linked from CRM for a particular customers easily. You can also create vendor category and easily categorize the vendors for quick access. You can also create PO for your vendors from the CRM and manage their payments easily from here. Purchase order status can also be tracked from here.

PO Management Tour and Travel CRM Software

PO Management

Purchase order for the vendors can be created from our CRM and can be kept as a record for your company expense. You can set various layouts and formats by default so that you can use it while creating purchase order. You can also download PDF files in properly formatted format and send it to your vendors.

Best Cloud CRM for Tour and Travel

Unprecedented CRM for Tour and Travel

Tour and travel - the word itself makes you to feel the joy and happiness. As to make you feel relaxed from all external tension and stress that comes in our daily life, we take up to go for a tour. So, the eagerness in going for a tour will not stop. And for this, there are many tour and travel companies or agencies that help people go out for their desired location or place that they have dreamt of. Those companies, to be properly maintained and to develop their business, they need CRM most importantly. Customer Relationship Management is very essential for these kinds of businesses as they are fully dependent on the customers and we go for full filling all their needs. Solid Performers help the companies to develop a perfect CRM that will be suitable for all the needs that a tour and travel company demands for.

For that one must be aware of what is a travel CRM? What is Travel and Tour CRM ?

A Travel Operator needs to manage and maintain the demands of the customers. We, the Solid Performers provide the companies, Travel CRM software that helps to coordinate and streamline entire operations through a single platform. It needs to manage the different parts and levels of the tour. For example it includes ticket booking management, travel coordination, accommodation, daily plan management etc. Instead of doing all these separately Solid Performer supports to make this available in a single platform of Travel CRM. It allows the companies to streamline the marketing activities and other bookings of the customers. It is mostly known by all as, the Customer Relationship Management software helps the companies including all the travel agents, tour managements, Destination management companies, and activity operators, restaurants that maintain very good customer relationships and improve all types of tourist activities, by having a strong connect with the customers. Customer Relationship Management is the base for any kind of the travel business. Solid Performers CRM takes care of the solution for winning new customers and dealing with all sorts of problems and maintaining the overall the reach of the company. Travel and Tour is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and also it contributes a share in the country’s economy.

Nowadays travellers are more aware of places that they are moving with and also they are more cost conscious, so they are expecting a splendid travel experience. And there is a leading competition between the tour and travel agency to make the customers more joyful than before, to satisfy all their perforce. Solid Performers are responsible for this kind of travel CRM, that we feed the customers to reach the top notch positions.

Merge Multiple Channels to single platform

Open all the channels that come from the customers into a single platform. Integrate all the enquiry channels and get a collaborated view of all the enquiries and requests via mail, call, website and social media. We have some of them listed below:


With web integrations, we can gather all enquiries from the website – forms, pop ups, live chats, landing pages and understand which holiday package is going popular on the website amongst all. We can find out through this, wherein the world’s leading CRM for tour and travel makes this effort.

Calls & Emails

It will direct all the calls and emails from the sales id’s and toll free numbers directly to the enquiry box. So that, we can see the real time status of, each and every enquiry. Get regular calls from more telephonic partners.

Social Media

Facebook comments, Wall Posts or tweets, we will bring all the social media together into one enquiry box. It will make easier to evaluate social media campaign and works well by finding the conversion rate.

Types of Travel CRM The two most important travels CRM’s are listed below:  B2B B2B: It is for those companies which deal with resellers, partners and travel agents of all sizes. Such CRM is built with B2B conversations and updates. B2C: B2C Travel CRM is for those companies which deal with end customers that is travellers. Such CRM ensures proper notifications and alerts to the travellers around their trip so that they can have wonderful experience with the company.
Different Versions of Travel CRM Some of the versions of travel CRM are:
  • Travel agents
  • DMC
  • Activity Operator  Hotel
Travel Agents The Travel CRM helps the travel agents with lot of problems and provides solutions for them. Some of them include: Itinerary Management: It helps with wonderful itinerary creation with drag and drop features. Voucher Management: It is the process of automatic voucher management creation and sharing it with all features. Invoice Management: It provides automatic creation and creation of invoices for booked customers. Supplier Management: Gives listing and invoice management of suppliers. Feedback Management: Automatic processes for feedback collection and management. Lead Management: The process of acquiring and managing Leads until the customer makes the purchase. Destination Management Companies (DMC): These are few solutions listed that are being used by the Travel CRM to manage DMC: Travel Agents Communication: It helps to complete the timeline tracking of all the communication between the travel agents and DMC on multiple modes. Lead Management: It is the process of gaining and operating leads until the customer makes a procure. Hotel Management: It provides account and cost management of concise hotels. Transporter Management: It maintains inventory and price management of contracted transporters. Price Management: It helps in valuing and management of all packages, it may be fixed departure, group tour, etc. Booking Engine: It allows both online and offline reservations of travel packages.
Activity Operator Booking Management: It helps mainly in the management of bookings, from third party website aggregators. Price Management: Visibility of date wise prices and real time updates of changed prices across all the channels. Inventory Management: It gives the track of all bookings and the visibility of available seats for activity across many of them. Website Builder: It supports for drag and drop website building with zero technical knowledge. Hotel Property Management: It covers objectives like coordinating the operational functions of the front office, sales, planning, reporting, etc. Inventory Management: It shows maintenance of real time data wise room availability. Pricing Management: It maintains date wise prices of all types of rooms. Channel Management: It creates automatic updates of inventory, pricing on all channels like which hotel is used for booking. Booking engine: It gives a complete turnkey solution for getting the bookings of the room. Solid Performers with all the above versions and types maintains a fantastic Travel and Tour CRM for the customers to maintain and manage their business which helps them in lots of way and we serve as the best and leading CRM for tour and travel in Bangalore.