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Lead Management

Be a Solid Performer in managing your leads effectively and closing more leads with proven followup and reminder management system. Followup Reminder, Custom Status & Source, Web Lead Form Integration, Notes & File Uploads , Log & History of Communication , Easy Allocation & Tracking , Integrate with any Source

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It takes huge amount of time and money to generate a valid lead/enquiry. But many of them easily got missout due to improper followup or by not understanding the requirement of the lead in a clear way. We are here to help you with Proper Followup with the help of followup reminders and even if you speak to a lead after one year, a proper history of the lead will be maintained which will make your work much easier.

Our Advantages


Build as you Need

Customize the fields based on your business easily. We have provided you with the option to create the form based on your need. You can drag and drop and build your own from with all functions in minutes.


Followup Reminders

Get a daily reminder notification and timely reminder notification whenever you need to perform an action for a lead or enquiry. Never miss a followup as our system gives you a headup notification.


Automatic Triggers

Our system does the work for you. Once an enquiry is added, automated email or sms can be delivered to the lead. This automated action can be set for various criterias for every action performed.


Multi-Select Filters

Filter the lead based on various criterias which may be single or multiple. It is also easy to setup filters for custom created fields.


Multiple Integrations

Our platform can be integrated with multiple other social, advertisement, web and many other platforms to collect the data directly in the CRM.


Allocation Highlights

All the newly allocated leads will be highlighted on top for better visibility to take quick actions. You can clear the notification once the action is performed.

Lead Management CRM Software

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