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Insurance CRM Software
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Insurance CRM

Manage your end to end work flow of insurance in Solid Performers Insurance CRM. Distribute them to the right call centre or field agents based on different agent and applicant attributes. Track agent performance, develop strategic relationships, and increase loyalty. Allow customers to file cases, review status, upload documents, setup recurring billing and more any time of the day or night.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us


Automate your sales pipeline and make the daily tasks of sales teams easier. Right from prospecting to nurturing & closing deals. Engage on revenue generating activities.

Capture Leads

Capture all your leads from different integrated sources at one place so that you don’t ever miss a Insurance enquiry. You can also integrate with various portals.

Effective Followup

It enables the executive to keep reminders against every enquiry and every lead. Auto notifications help them to follow the prospects without letting go the chance.

Detailed Report

CRM helps you to track the performance of every lead, client, deal or contact reports and as well as the performance for your sales executive easily.

Email Campaigns

Running email campaigns helps you in creating awareness about your product and service among prospects and clients. Generate more lead quickly.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Data Management

CRM software solution might be the perfect way to streamline your data handling processes and provide a better customer service experience. We take care of complete data.


Tasks and notifications in the calendar are a handy CRM feature for agents. The system informs you about upcoming meetings, events, and essential tasks.

Enquiry Management Insurance CRM

Enquiry Management

Customer queries can be managed based on the policy they’ve signed up for, but can also expected to keep track of which policy is up for renewal, which customer is requesting for a claim, what progress the claims have made, what approvals and documentation is required to process the claims and so on.You can segregate by customers who have signed up for different policies; life, health, automotive or more. Insurance CRM enables businesses to organize leads, resolve claims in quick time, automate daily activities, build strong customer relationships, manage customer data and streamline process.

Customer Management Insurance CRM

Customer Management

Strengthen and build long-lasting customer relationships. Ensure better customer experience and satisfaction by understanding their needs and retain more customers. Know the start date, end date, policy type & purchase history of clients. Insurance CRM enables businesses to organize leads, resolve claims in quick time, automate daily activities, build strong customer relationships, manage customer data and streamline process.

Contact Management Insurance CRM

Contact Management

Various details of customers like name, address, demographics, etc. are stored along with specific data on buying influences, behavior, economic backgrounds, interactions, and feedbacks can also be included in the software system.

Distribution Channel Management Insurance CRM

Distribution Channel Management

Sell more policies from all your distribution channels – bancassurance, agencies, brokers and field sales. You can capture all your policy inquries from whatever sources it is coming either offline or online. Distribute them to the right channel or field agents based on different agent and applicant attributes.

Task Management Insurance CRM

Task Management

You can assign the task of different insurance type, status wise to different agents or executive. You can check the availability of agent and performance of them and can check the task given is completed or not.

Plan Management Insurance CRM

Plan Management

Can keep the record of your different plans such as health insurance, car insurance, life insurance etc.with their individual rate, unit or tax which you provide. You can add your inventory as well in the CRM. We also give the customization option where you can add fields of your choice apart from our default fields.

Support Management Insurance CRM

Support Management

You can create support ticket for the customer so that you can resolve their problem or complaints of your customers as soon as possible. You can segregate the complains according to the priority of your customers and can assign the particular complains to a particular agent or executives.

Agent Management Insurance CRM

Agent Management

You can manage your agents in our CRM, where you can add agent’s every information and create a unique user id and password for them to log in into you CRM account. You can also segregate your agents according to their roles and designation. this can immensely assist in your regular operation as you can monitor the work of your agents

Report Management Insurance CRM

Report Management

Reporting is the feature that brings the results of your sales and marketing efforts all together. Manage each and every report individually which will help you to forecast for the future. Get complete control to the data your sales people access, Stay updated with an easy & simple reporting system.

The Best CRM software for Insurance

Build a strong relationship between the customers across the areas with the leading CRM software for insurance here at Solid performers. We make all the processes and the workflows easier to the customers. In order to achieve high-quality customer service to the people, we make the most efficient insurance CRM for all the agents servicing within the organization. This all-in-one solution for making the insurance CRM will help you to satisfy all the needs related to leads and customers.

You can easily automate all the assignments, organize the incoming leads and you can manage all the leads even it is of multiple policies. We will make the agents close the deals as quickly as possible and also you can build long-lasting relationships by doing all kinds of integrations.

Why insurance CRM is important?

When you make any insurance business, you need to build trust within the customers. By building trust, our CRM software will provide a great experience with the software. You can organize all of your insurance business prospects in a proper manner; you can keep track of all the incoming lead opportunities, and you will be able to automate the same process. The activities that are automated will help you to focus on retaining the customer needs at a large scale.

Our CRM software will be user-friendly that will allow you to quickly access any changes within the organization. Since we aim at developing the best CRM software for insurance needs, we develop software that is highly customizable to the user. This flexibility will help you to meet all your industry needs at any time. We make the perfect sales assistant for the customers. This will help you to achieve the best CRM without even losing any incoming leads. You can also prioritize the tasks based on the need of the client and make the best ones on top.

The leading CRM software for the insurance industry must allow you to opt for complete integration in the network. By organizing the seamless integration into the system, you will be able to make your business brand open up to all the API’s and at the same time you can build your own integrations thereby you can customize according to your needs. You can even access the data from anywhere and also at any time by using the best CRM software for insurance made by Solid performers.

Engaging the customers:

In any business brand, customer engagement plays a vital role. Our CRM software will make the system that readily engages the customer and at the same time, you can manage the customers through a variety of channels like email, phone calls, social media pages, and also through the chat option that is integrated within the CRM system. You will be provided with the reports that will offer you the record of all the previous conversations between the customer and the network. All the real time notifications are available in the software and you can easily make a note of all the incoming leads effectively. The insurance industry will be able to assist the customers at any point in time by making use of this kind of leading CRM software offered by the Solid performers.

The need of automation:

Solid performers will assist you by developing the best CRM software for the insurance industry by indulging automation into the CRM system. The need for automation into a CRM system is that it greatly assists you by providing timely notifications, reminding the pending notifications, and prioritizing the needs of the customers as per the schedule. In addition to this, we have inbuilt live chat options and so many features that help in the automation of the system.

“Serve your customers on time”

When looking deeply into the insurance industry, we need to maintain multiple policies at once. In such cases, by using our CRM software you can maintain multiple policies at the same time. The page layouts will be different for different policies and also you can set up the fields as per your needs. This shows that the best CRM for the insurance industry by the Solid performers are highly flexible and customizable. You can make all the policyholders in one place and at the same time, you can get the views of all the policies signed up by the customers at any time. This way of picturing insurance data will surely help you to manage the customers with higher satisfaction.

Our Specialty:

We specialize in making customizable CRM solutions for the insurance industry. When the system identifies any customer request, then that particular claimed request will be vitally noted and allocated to the appropriate person who will manage the query greatly. We will ensure that all the approval processes are properly maintained so that the person who claimed the request can get higher satisfaction. In an organization, the workflow will be strictly maintained and we make sure that the CRM software will standardize within that particular workflow. Get the utmost benefits from the leading CRM providers for the insurance industry by the Solid performers.