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Higher Education CRM Software
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Higher Education CRM

Manage you guest data from the booking timelines till their Check-in – Check out and their experience of staying in your hotel. It’s all about the fantastic service you provide. As seen the extensive rise in hotel industry, now hotels need to switch themselves from paper work and excel sheets to Solid Performers Hotel CRM in order to fuel the business growth in this competitive market.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.

Detailed Reports

CRM helps you to track the performance of every lead, client, deal or contact reports and as well as the performance for your sales executive easily.


Centralise all your data across various sources on a unified platform. Collect all the data in one place and perform various functions in one place.

Track the enquiries

Monitor activity at every stage and know if the deal is headed towards closure. This helps in better prospecting of leads and gives the entire sales team a clarity.

Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.


Collect all related documents regarding the service and manage all the documents under every enquiry or customer. No need to search for it everytime.

Vendor Management

As this is an all in one solution, you can also be able to create and manage the vendors as well as their purchase orders & payments using our system.

Custom fields

We provide you with various default field in different modules. Apart from this, we also provide you to add the custom field of your own choice based on your business.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.

Prospect Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Prospect Management

With Solid Performers Higher Education CRM you can generate & nurture your prospects interest by sending SMS, Email. You can add follow-up for every conversation you will have with your prospect and can see all the detailed record of your follow-up in the view page. CRM helps your prospects to know about the university and the course details and how this can benefit them.

Enquiry Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Enquiry Management

Managing enquires in an orderly manner is the most important task for any organisation. Enquiries are those people who are already interested in our services, what you need do is to provide a genuine solution to their quires. You can also integrate CRM with multiple portals and receive data’s directly into CRM without any hassle.

Followup Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Followup Management

Using CRM you can manage your leads and create follow-up for every conversation you have with your leads and can get automatic reminders on when to contact them again with previous history of communication happened with the enquiry. Creating update and doing continuous follow-up allows you and your customers to understand each other in a finer way.

Document Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Document Management

Document Management is an essential part for any organization. It becomes hectic to manage the document when you have lots of data’s for every individual. CRM helps you in centralizing the documents of your prospects and students systematically and view those documents in a single click. Document management reduces your time processing and increases the work productivity.

Contact Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Contact Management

Solid Performers Higher Education CRM allows you to create and manage multiple contact details under their students. You can sync your Gmail in order to get all contacts in CRM. Adding contacts makes it easy for you to search any student related contact as all the contacts gets saved under the view page of that particular student.

Task Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Task Management

With CRM you can create multiple tasks with the due date, description of the task & priority marked it in and then can be allocated it to your employees and when there is any action taken or any update done can be tracked from the admin account. Task management brings the effectiveness and efficiency in the workflow.

University Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

University Management

CRM helps you in managing the detailed list of your university. As you’ll be dealing with lots of universities so you can maintain all records like their brochures, course details and the course fees. So in case any day your particular user who manages university details is on leave and a prospects enquire about top universities with minimal fees then at that point of time you’ll have every details of universities in CRM.

Proposal Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Proposal Management

You can create proposals for prospects and students in a simplest way and in the next step you can also share that proposal via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. CRM allows the admin to keep the track of all proposals getting created and actions made on them. You can do some default settings for proposal and meanwhile you can also create multiple templates in CRM.

Invoice Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Invoice Management

You can create invoice for your prospects, students or universities you are working with. You can simplify your work by creating the quotation and you can send via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. Using CRM you can not only create invoice but also you can keep a track of all invoice payments for years.

Employee Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Employee Management

With Solid Performers CRM you can create your employees account and manage them. CRM allows you to track the entire work performance of your staff from prospects, clients to task allocated to them and then actions of your employees. This can immensely assist in your regular business operation as you can monitor the work of your employee and also can be very useful for increasing the work effectiveness of your staff.

Report Management Overseas Education Consultant CRM

Report Management

Reports are the most important task for any organization. Reports immensely assist in your regular business and let you know where your company stands now or do they need to make any change in the workflow.

The Best CRM Tools For Higher Education

CRM Is Changing The Face Of Higher Education Industry: Get Integrated CRM Software Solutions For Higher Education Industry

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the title for any system or model used to handle the relationship between service providers and users.

We all know how important CRM is for a business, but have you ever thought how different it would be if your higher education institution is automated with CRM Software Solutions.

Software tools are all built to make your life easier. Higher education institutions, which is the source of all human resources must not be devoid of the best CRM Solutions.

What does CRM mean to higher education?

 There are a lot of mundane tasks going on and on in a higher education industry like admission procedures, enrollment, fees payment e.t.c.

If the technology can help to fill seats in your higher educational institutions and if it can record payments automatically, how can you be ignoring it?

For the education industry, the institution is the service provider, and all the students, parents, employers, and staff are its 'Customers'.

CRM for University:

It is very surprising to see that 59% of Universities do not use CRM Software Solutions.

The Universities are failing to tap immense possibilities by not responding to technological changes.

Automation can redefine the working of the higher education industry. CRM is the only solution for the existing challenges in higher education.

The CRM stores information such as customers’ names, backgrounds, contact details, and other basic Infos into a single database.

Benefits Of Using CRM in higher education:

-  CRM Software Tools can give personalization and customization to the working of your higher education industry.

-Integrated CRM Software Solutions for higher education can help in better management.

-CRM Software tools help you in getting on-time data and reports.

- With CRM Software tools, you get easy access to the large information system and helps you  in faster decision making and delivering faster service.

-CRM Software tools help you in analyzing marketing tools and helps you in selecting the best marketing methods.

-Best CRM Software Solutions helps you in selecting the right recruitment activity.

-Integrated CRM Software Solutions can help in a structured communication between levels of management and also between the service providers and customers.

Automation benefits of using CRM for Higher Education

Automation is changing the face of every industry. Automation is paving the way for an error-free industrial work.

CRM helps in providing solutions for Workflow automation that will help in making sure that no inquiries go unanswered.

Tasks are assigned automatically and some tasks are even delivered automatically with CRM Software Tools.

CRM Software tools will help in automating the mundane, monotonous task of admission and enrollment processes.

CRM For Higher Education Management

If you are a part of the higher education industry, you know how difficult the management of the education industry is.

CRM helps in automating the processes of the management by saving staff from disorganization and burnout.

Higher education management is simplified with CRM Software Solutions.

Integrated CRM Software tools help the management to track the activities and to streamline the communication effectively.

Management highly benefits from easier access to the information system and timely reports for faster decision-making.

CRM Software Tools help in giving valuable insights from the big data.

CRM Software Solution is helping higher education management in robust recruitment processes and marketing.

Best CRM Tools For Higher Education:

You must be careful while choosing the best CRM Software Solutions. For this, consider the following features:

-CRM Software Solutions must have integrated features:

The CRM Software tools must be able to integrate all the management process of higher education institution like

  • Admission Management
  • Application Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Payment Management
  • Documentation Management

-CRM Software Solutions must have Good Tools:

CRM Software must enable management to streamline communication and must help to track and report each student’s growth and performance.

CRM Software must have an in-built reporting system and the inbuilt big tools must help in merging big data and must help in giving insights.

CRM Tools must help in the recruitment process by helping to highlight the data to select the best candidate.

Solid Performers are providing Integrated CRM Software Solutions for improving the functions of the higher education industry and to make it more Simplified. We bring you these CRM solutions in three wide varieties as operational, analytical, and collaborative. By making use of all these strategies, you can take care of all the operations easily with our software.

Our CRM for higher education will be the best assistance by handling all your data indulged in this and hence we will make your work more simplified. You can take up our best CRM software for higher education to make you more sophisticated with the flexible CRM’s with which we impart certain integrations.

This will help some of the institutes to manage, forecast, and also by showing improvements in their marketing streams. Get the utmost ease with your solution by our expert team of higher education CRM providers. We also make you much more flexible by making an easy setup of our CRM on yours. You can easily set up our CRM system and can also make your automation very easy and flexible with solid performers.

Solid Performers with its best-integrated software solutions help you in fostering the relationship between your institution and the customers. Our all-in-one solution will help you in making the admissions, recruitments in the institute, and also in making up the marketing teams. This will also make you engaged by keeping a track of the applicants in the interview process, the application portal, and also you can track the process during the admission management. You can make your current students, donors, alumni, employees, and everyone in your institute currently updated with the progress.

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