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Healthcare CRM

Streamline you work and get the patient enquiry in CRM. You can maintain the detailed record of their requirement and conversation with them for the future reference. CRM has helped the healthcare industry a lot by connecting with their patients and knowing their requirement. You can allocate patients to a related doctor in one click. You can keep the record of the patient medical history and reports in CRM.

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Top Reasons to Choose Us

Multiple Integration

Solid Performers Healthcare CRM bind together multiple sources of data in order to provide a detailed view into patient habits & activities.

Support Tickets

You can also manage your patient queries by adding the support integration in our Solid Performers CRM.

Timely Reminders

This allows you to send mail to patients and prospects to remind them about appointments which they have booked for.


Tasks and notifications in the calendar are a handy CRM feature for patients. The system informs you about complete schedule for the doctors in one view.


Centralize and manage all your documents in one place. Using CRM it becomes easy to view your documents in one click under leads or clients.

Vendor Management

Simplify your workflow and start maintaining database of all your vendors in Solid Performers CRM. You can create and manage PO also in the system easily.

Integrated Billing

Create your invoice in seconds. You can also create dynamic changes and do some default setting for both and send it directly via whatsApp.

Automated Process

Standardize your workflow with CRM and automate every stage from lead allocation to auto email and sms triggers.

Quick Tasks

Simply track, assign, prioritize the deadlines & completion status, viewing & updating Tasks and adding tasks.

Appointment Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Appointment Management

In the appointment management, you will get all the hospital appointments with scheduling time of patients and as well consultant doctor name and changes in schedules, and for what reason you want take appointment like this all the information is available in appointment module. In one click you can send reminder to your patients, doctors and staffs with option of pre settings auto reminder. Stop doing old methods of writing in note and calling people. Utilize your timings with less human interaction and more upgrade way wit technology. Allocate the patient appointment with the doctor choosing list of doctor seeing the patient problem. Doctor will check the patient and if required prescribe for scanning, x- ray etc

Enquiry Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Enquiry Management

Patients can be created directly from the enquiry with all the information via reference or manually. Patients reports and documents can be uploaded in the particular patient profile and you can manage the reports related to a patient seamlessly. Manage your patients enquiry receiving from different sources like Facebook, Practo, Just dial, Quora etc. You will get automatic reminders in SMS as well as in CRM for follow up patients. Call to patients or use the trigger email and SMS in CRM to send messages for your patients. You can call, whatsapp, sms, cloud telephony option in CRM.

Patient Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Patient Management

Solid Performers CRM manages the complete patient information to get to a specific patient data. CRM makes you easy to gather complete data of Patient details like age, DOB, Parents health details, patient current problem, any operations, BP, Diabetes etc problem they are suffering and history of patient allows you to guess the current situation and to inform next level.

Prescription Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Prescription Management

You can upload bulk medication in our CRM Inventory. Choose the medication and prescribe to patient and take printout for same. The prescribed data will be available in software all time, whenever you want to see complete history of the patient, it will be available if you see after 20 years also. Complete information like doctor name, prescribed date, medicines, expiry date etc.

Document Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Document Management

The Android App from Solid Performers CRM empowered document administration basis allows you to smooth out and oversee distinctive operational cycles. Presently, you can generally be refreshed about the general document notice and transport statuses. The tasks the board programming will give constant updates about these particular viewpoints. Smooth out requests to merchants or stock focuses. Make and Approve all Orders. Smooth out all stocks to the correct focuses.

Support Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Support Management

Solid Performers CRM application allows you genuinely to visit to raise new requests from numerous medical researcher and retailers. The useful request the board programming makes giving new requests quicker and direct via cloud telephony. Farewell handling times and other requests. Monitor your stock developments with the conveyance warning programming. Solid Performers CRM cloud telephony administration framework can undoubtedly monitor the standard amount and the business leading. This guarantees that they don’t make orders with amounts that surpass the accessible stocks.

Doctor Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Doctor Management

Managing the doctors with their available schedule is very easy in CRM. Allocate and fix the timings. Doctor can directly see the patient scan report in his Mobile app or in Laptop and download it (if required). Or allocate to other internal doctor. You can take print out or send email to patient, if needed. Add patient complete history in details and attach documents, get to know previous attended doctors. Everything will be in his name and mobile number like scan reports, pre attended doctors, health history.

Billing Management Hospital Healthcare CRM

Billing Management

You can generate Invoice for your patients just by selecting patient name it will automatically fetch rest details. Add cost for the treatment and medications and give bill to your patient. They can use any payment options. Multiple payment mode is available in CRM like Credit Card, Google Pay, PayU etc. You can manage your complete payment details and manage expense also adding multiple expense type, category and attach the bill as well.

Best CRM Software For HealthCare Industries

Best CRM for the Healthcare Industry: Get the Personalized CRM Tools crucial for Healthcare Industries

In a digital world where everything is getting automated, healthcare industries- the backbone of human growth shouldn’t lag, isn’t it? This is why Solid Performers strongly believe in finding CRM Solutions for healthcare.

Healthcare CRM Solutions are transforming healthcare services by creating a bond between patients and service providers. It helps the providers to meet the challenges of the health care industry by tapping into new ways of enhanced patient care.

CRM Software accumulates data from different departments and puts it into an integrated, cohesive place. This way, providers can find and provide relevant information whenever they need it. One need not be tech-savvy to understand the CRM Software as it is very easy and convenient to use.

What does CRM mean in Healthcare?

It is commonly seen that healthcare industries are not hesitant in buying huge medical equipment but very much reluctant in using Software Solutions. You are doing wrong by not using the right software tools for your healthcare services. Why?

Just like you need medical devices for better treatment, you need CRM Software Solutions for ensuring high quality of services for your customers.

Need Of CRM Software Tools:

A focused CRM Software Tools allow you to improve efficiency. It helps you to efficiently store and analyze customer-related data and manage all relevant information. Automation is the biggest advantage you get from using CRM Software Tools.

Solid Performers have dedicated CRM Solutions for healthcare industries. We also give you Personalized CRM Tools for your healthcare industry.

Benefits Of Using CRM Software in the Healthcare Industry:

Let’s see why healthcare industries must focus on CRM Solutions- 1. Organizing Patient-related information:

  1. Organizing all the relevant information of a patient will help in personalized interaction with them.
  2. Effective handling of communication: It ensures seamless communication between the patient and the service provider. Regular communication can be through sending reminders, emails, and push notifications.
  3. Managing Tasks: Tasks can be managed effectively by generating and sharing reports, creating an effective Streamlined Patient Appointment System, Health Information Exchange(HIE)System e.t.c.
  4. Critical Information Security: Get Personalized CRM Software Tools for security. You can protect your Information from third-party access if you can secure your data with-
    1. Multi-factor authentication
    2. Data encryption
    3. Role-based access to the database
Building better Insights with CRM Solutions:

Better insights from data can help in crafting effective strategies. From the insights you gather, personalized care can be given to different patients

Reducing Admin Mistakes: Records information on the cloud computer with little or no need for human


The Best Things We Offer With Healthcare CRM Software:

  • Professional CRM Setup and Maintenance Services: Your CRM Setup is seamlessly implemented within the limits of your technical infrastructure. SolidPerformers Professionals implement the right strategies for CRM Setup and integration. Our Company also offers 24/7 dedicated support and maintenance services to CRM Software users. We ensure that upgradation won’t affect your daily operations.
  • CRM Softwares developed by Professionals with rich knowledge in the healthcare Industry: We have professionals with deep knowledge in the working of healthcare industries and they know exactly how to fulfill the diverse requirements of the healthcare industry.
  • Personalized CRM Tools: Personalization plays a key role in Customer Relationship Management in healthcare industries. Enhance the patient experience and retain them using our unique CRM Software Tools.

    CRM Softwares are going to fuel the healthcare industry by retaining the customers and synchronizing the efforts. If you are a part of the healthcare industry, it is now crucial for you to choose the right CRM Software Tools for your industry.

    Get the Personalized CRM Software Tools from SolidPerformers for planning effective strategies for your healthcare industry!