What is the CRM process cycle? 4 primary stages

I’ll be sharing with you what is the CRM process cycle and how it is going to really help you in your business growth.

A CRM process cycle is nothing but taking care of your client’s entire life cycle in an effective way with the help of the CRM tool.

Now this particular CRM cycle includes 4 stages.

Stage 1 – Marketing

Stage 2 – Sales

Stage 3 – Delivery

Stage 4 – Support

I’ll be giving you an overview of all these four stages so that you can be able to understand what is the CRM process cycle and how you have to make use of this effectively and what kind of CRM you need to choose or select for your business.

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Stage 1 – Marketing – If you see any business process, the first and foremost important thing is the marketing stage, you’ll be running campaigns or you’ll be running Google ads or Facebook ads or any kind of advertisements to generate leads.

When the leads are coming to the system, it needs to be taken care of, in an effective way. Whatever CRM that you are going to choose, should have an option to integrate with all social media, your website forms, and chatbots

You can also integrate it with third-party aggregators with the APIs where a technical person will take care of that.

But as a whole, with regards to marketing, whatever the CRM, which you’re going to choose, it should be having that first level of the marketing process.

So you should be having the automation, which is basically once a new inquiry is received, you should be able to send that email automatically to them.

There should also be an option to send emails during a delayed period so that they will get regular updates regarding the employee.  

Now, this entire marketing process can be automated in most cases. If you take CRM like Solid Performers CRM, you can be able to automate most of the marketing process with the help of Solid Performers CRM.

Now, once the marketing process is done, once the lead is received in the CRM. Now the next important thing, what you need to do is sales.

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Stage 2 – Sales – Sales are the one that is going to bring in revenue to the organization. To do an effective sale in your organization, you need to consider two primary things.

  1. How are you going to automate most of the process so that you will not miss out on certain things like follow-ups or sending regular updates to the leads, whatever we are having, these kinds of things?
  2. Second and the most important thing is how is your sales team going to take care of the CRM in an effective way?

Whether it is easy for them to use, whether they can be able to manage all the data, or whatever they’re looking out for in a CRM effectively.

If you take Solid Performers CRM, it is having the highest rate for ease of use. And you can really give it a try with Solid Performer CRM if you are planning to implement CRM software.

Sales should also be having an option to modify all the fields of the CRM based on your business requirement, especially the stages and status of the leads.

You cannot simply have a default or some normal status or stages such as spoke, active, closed, or lost. It should be having the entire process flow. Then the sales process can be made very effective and very easy.

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Stage 3 – Delivery – Once a sale is done, you have to give an effective delivery. To manage the delivery effectively, you should either have a small task or project management system in the CRM so that you can be able to make sure that the delivery of the product or service, whatever you have committed to the client is effectively taken care of.

In most companies, the delivery team will be a different team when compared with the sales or marketing team. Now there should be effective communication happening over there. And mainly if that can happen through the CRM software, it’ll be really good.

And another important thing is the data transfer, the question here is how are you going to transfer all the communication that has happened in the sales process to the delivery team?

Once our sales have been taken care of, the delivery team should understand, that these are all the commitments that were given by the sales team during the pre-sale conversation.

For example, if you take Solid Performers CRM when a lead is getting converted to a client, all the previous communication will get transferred to the client module. So whoever is going to handle the delivery part, they will get to know that these are all the things that my pre-sales team has committed.

Now, this is the kind of CRM that you need to subscribe to or take so that it’ll help you in your business process.

Stage 4 – Support – Support is one of the most important and primary things, which will really help you to take your business to the next level.

In support, you can be able to identify a lot of new things which will help you in growing your business to the next level. And if you take care of your clients, your existing clients, and the support in a much better way, they’ll surely give you references and other new clients automatically without even spending more money on marketing and sales.

With the help of CRM software, you can be able to implement and manage all your support issues about your products or services in a better way.


If you take Solid Performers CRM, we have an option to add your support forms to your website directly so that if anybody fills up the form, automatically it will be allocated to your support person. And they can be able to take care of the process in an effective way.

And you, as an admin can also be able to monitor what is happening, whether the support has been fulfilled, and whether the client is satisfied or not.

These were the 4 stages of the CRM process cycle and make sure the CRM which you’re choosing should have all these four stages.

If you can be able to implement a CRM, which is having all these four stages like Solid Performers CRM, it will really help you to manage all the data in a single panel. And you can get a lot, of business growth in an effective way.

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