What is CRM? Top 5 reasons for using sales CRM

Here are the top 5 reasons for using Sales CRM in Business that will help you to increase the sales revenue of a company

Helps you to increase the sales revenue of a company

Helps you to perform sales automation to reduce manual recurring work

Helps you to maintain all the sales data to a high conversion rate

Helps you to build a Health Sales Pipeline

Helps you to perform automated and manual follow-ups so that you will never miss a sales followup

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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Top 5 reasons to use sales CRM in Business

Implementing the CRM in your business will take less than 1 hour time but will provide you with 10X Growth in a short span of time.

Also, our system is straightforward and you can quickly implement the CRM and train your team at a much faster rate when compared with any other CRM.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Anything that you need to do with your clients or the leads or deals can be performed, managed, and maintained in a better way with the help of CRM software.


Now sales CRM is really important because it is having certain advantages compared with a normal CRM or normal data management software or an Excel sheet or anything, which you can consider. In this blog, I’ll be sharing with you certain important things that sales CRM does so that it’ll help you in your business growth.


Now sales CRM helps you to increase the revenue of your company by various means. For example, sales CRM helps you to improve your business with the help of sales automation.


What is sales automation?

For example, when a new lead is received from your website, now, what generally happens is you might be getting that lead in an email. Now, once you receive the lead in an email, either you have to contact the lead, or you will be sending that lead to your sales team.


Now your sales team, again, may contact them. They may follow with them for one or two days. And if they’re not getting any proper response, they might forget to call them back. Now, this is what is happening in a normal sales activity, which they are using completely based on a manual basis.


If you take sales automation CRM, it does all these activities in an automated way. Let us take the same scenario of receiving the lead from your website.


When you receive a lead from your website, the CRM will capture the data and it will automatically allocate the lead to your sales executive. It will also send up an email to you as well as to your employee stating that a new lead has been allocated now just, but it will not do a sending email. It’ll also send a notification in their mobile app so that they will get alerted very fast.


It also sends a welcome email or SMS or WhatsApp notification to your lead. Now, what happens is the lead after making an inquiry they’re getting an immediate reply within one to two minutes, and you can also be able to customize this mail or message based on this particular client.


For example, a lead named Sam is making an inquiry. You can be able to send a mail with the name of, Hey Sam, how can I help you? This is more personal. And since they are getting the reply within a few minutes of making the employee, they might stop making inquiries in other places because they’re expecting some response from you, or they might reply back to you with certain things.


Now, this is the importance and advantage of sales automation. With the help of sales CRM software, you can be able to perform this. And if you take CRM like Solid Performers CRM it has got lots of sales automation functions, which will really help you to boost your business to the next level.


The sales CRM also helps you to maintain all the sales data to increase your closure and conversion rate.


And if you use sales CRM, you can be able to get all the data in a consolidated way in a table format so that you can be able to see what is the status and stage of each and every lead, whether the lead has been converted to a deal or a client, or what is the probability of conversion each and everything, you can be able to track and manage, which will really improve in your business and sales growth.


Since you have all this data, you can be able to build a healthy sales pipeline. if you take again, CRM like Solid Performers CRM, you can be able to build a sales pipeline for at least the next year.


Now, the CRM, that you’re choosing should have these functions. If the sales CRM is not having the option to build a pipeline and you wouldn’t be able to forecast what is the sale you’re going to get for at least next year, it’ll be very difficult for you to manage your sales activity. Because with the help of this, you can be able to forecast your expected revenue in a better way.


As I told you in the automation process, it does a lot of automation in that one primary automation factor. What you can do is automated follow-ups because many, times, what happens is we fail to do the manual follow-ups and we might end up losing the lead. If you don’t want that to happen, you can set up an automated follow up and you can also set up a manual follow-up reminder. Now, what is a manual follow-up reminder?


For example, if your sales executive is having a follow-up at 12:30 PM today. Now at 12:15 PM system will send you a notification stating that you have a follow-up at 12:30. Now with the help of this, your salesperson will never miss a follow-up.


And even if they miss the follow-up still when they go to the CRM system, they’ll always see a reminder stating that they missed this follow-up so until they make action to this particular lead or particular follow-up, which they need to do, it is not closed. And as an admin can also be able to track what they are doing, whether they missed any lead follow or client follows the case, if they missed, you can be able to intimate them manually as well.


Now, these are all the primary advantages of sales CRM.


And if you want to experience sales CRM in a better way than in the description below, I have shared the link to Solid Performers CRM, which is really a very good tool for your sales CRM system. And I highly recommend you to try out the free trial, and if it suits your business requirement, then you can take it to the next level.


With Solid Performers CRM you can be able to customize the CRM based on any business requirement. So you can be from any industry. And if you’re looking old for managing a sales team, then Solid Performers is the best suit for you. As you can customize the CRM completely based on your business requirement.

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