What is Sales Automation? Quick steps to automate your Sales Process

Here are quick tips to implement sales automation in your company.

Sales Automation is nothing but anything that helps you in reducing the manual work of your sales team.

For example, when a new lead is getting received in your email from your website, now you have to either send a mail to your sales executive, or you have to forward it to your sales executive way of WhatsApp or SMS. This is a manual process.

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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Quick tips to implement sales automation in your company.

Implementing the CRM in your business will take less than 1 hour time but will provide you with 10X Growth in a short span of time.

Also, our system is straightforward and you can quickly implement the CRM and train your team at a much faster rate when compared with any other CRM.

Now, what if I can tell you with the help of sales automation, you can be able to allocate all the leads automatically to your executives when a new inquiry is received? It will automatically send a welcome email or SMS to the lead who has inquired.


If you use sales automation with help of the right tool, it’ll help you to take your business to the next level. And it will surely help you to save at least one hour of your time, as well as your team members, time every day.

Now, here are the 4 quick steps to automate your sales process.


The very first step is to Get the right tool for your sales automation CRM – I can give you some suggestions. And as I mentioned earlier, you can also try out Solid Performer CRM, which is having a complete automation function.


You can do all kinds of automation from sending Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and delayed emails, and nurturing everything with the help of Solid Performers CRM which is a Sales Automation CRM. Even if you’re choosing any other tool, you need to make sure that you are selecting the right tool.


I will always suggest you try out with, a trial of 7 or 10 days, even before subscribing to a product, it will help you in making a decision whether that tool is the right tool for you or not.


The next step will be Process Flow – You have to provide the process flow for your Sales Automation CRM.


For example, You are going to check what thing you can automate. Like, as whether you can send automation to immediate inquiries, or whether you have to allocate all these leads to your sales team. If you’re going to allocate it to your sales team, how is it going to allocate on a Round Robin basis, or it’s going to allocate to one particular person?


You have to get it ready before implementing it in the sales automation CRM system. Once the flow is ready then the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going to set up the automation.


Now setting up the automation might take some time. For example, if you’re going to send them a lead nurturing email with a sequence of maybe around 10 emails with a period of one week for every email right now, that means you have to create 10 emails, 10 full-length emails with contents. It will take some time, but you have to spend your time dedicatedly to making this happen.


Once this is done, then there is no need for you to do anything else. So as you plan in the process, you need to make sure that this is taken care of in an attractive way so that it will help you in your business growth in the future.


And that is nothing you have to do manually in the future. Now, once the automation is performed, you’re going to test whether this automation, whatever you have created is working fine or not.


You can check out for the Solid Performers CRM review here which will give you a basic idea.


I highly recommend you test it before going live, because sometimes what will happen, a small unwanted character will get added to the mail content, which will affect your reputation. So make sure to test it before going live in your Sales Automation CRM.


Below, I have shared the link to Solid Performers CRM, where you can set up a free trial, set up all these automation upfront, and test, whether it is working fine for your company and business.


If you take the cost of Solid Performers CRM, it is highly affordable and it’ll help you in your business growth.

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