What is Online Cloud CRM Software?

Many of you might have a doubt about Cloud and how it works? Some want to understand the primary benefits of Cloud-based Software?

We will explain everything clearly in this article with top 7 benefits of using online cloud CRM software over the native way of installing a CRM software in your laptop or computer.

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What is a Cloud based Software?

When you use any software on your computers like word or excel, you will work on the data and store the data on your own computer.

A cloud-based software in simple terms is nothing but your data is stored online when you are using the software from your browser which is basically a web application instead of storing the data in your laptop or computer.

There are multiple benefits to this but the most important benefit is the option to access your data from any other location as it is stored online and the safety of the data as many times, the system will get crashed and all the data will get wiped from the computer.

The online cloud CRM software has also got the same principle but using a CRM on cloud is having a variety of advantages instead of using a normal software like word or excel.

That too when you use a Sales CRM as an online cloud CRM software, you have got the advantage of using or accessing the data from any place. And since the data is stored online, you can be able to access the data using the mobile app as well. This makes the online cloud CRM software more robust when compared with a system-installed CRM software which can be accessed only for internal purposes.

Top 7 Benefits of Online Cloud CRM Software

1. Access across Multiple Devices

You can access the CRM application using various devices like laptops, desktops, tablets, iPad, iPhones, or other mobile devices. If you use mobile devices, you can use them in the mobile app as well. The data will be synced across all devices and all your business data will be at your fingertips.


2. Safety and Security

If the data is stored in cloud and if the CRM company has got a proper IT infrastructure like Solid Performers CRM, then all your data will be stored across multiple locations with highly encrypted data. And no one can be able to access your data without the right authentication. Also, you will never lose your data as all the data is stored in multiple locations with backups.

3. Access from Anywhere

This is another primary advantage of online cloud CRM software. You can be able to access the CRM from your office, or home, or from your client’s place. The choice is yours. Since all your data is stored online, you can be able to use the data efficiently and easily from wherever and whenever required.

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4. Zero IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Since the data is stored in the cloud and all the maintenance will be taken care by the CRM provider itself. With very little IT infrastructure or a very good internet connection on your laptop, you can be able to use the online cloud CRM software without any kind of difficulty.

Want to know more about the Online Cloud CRM Software?

5. No Installation & Setup Required

Since this is an online Cloud CRM software, you can be able to open a web browser, enter the website URL and login with the username and password and start using the CRM. There is no need for you to install any kind of software on your computer or laptop. You can use CRM on the go.

6. Easy & Quick Updates

Since this is a cloud-based application, the CRM provider can be able to fix any kind of errors or bugs within minutes and they will fix everything remotely. There is no need for them to visit your location and fix the bug which will take a lot of time.

Online Cloud CRM Software

7. Highly Cost Efficient

The last and the most important benefit of online cloud CRM software is the investment that you need to make in implementing the Sales CRM in your company. The cost will be less than 1/50th of the planned investment as the application is already developed and tested and you are just going to use the system. You are going to pay only the users which you are going to use and for the time period which you are going to use. You can stop and cancel the subscription at any point in time. This will save you a lot of money.

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