What is lead nurturing? Will it increase my sales?

I’ll be showing you precisely what is a lead nurturing process and how it’ll help you to increase your sales even if you’re a small, medium, or large enterprise.

If you see only 2% of the market is actually looking out for your product or service. Now, this 2% of the people are the ones on whom everyone is targeting or concentrating.

For example, if you are getting 100 inquiries over a period of one month now out of these a hundred employees, maybe two to three people are really looking out for the product or service very, very immediately.

Rest maybe you can take 10% of them they’re not looking out for the product or service very immediately, but they’ll be taking it maybe after 15 or 20 days, or they are in need of your product or service, but not very urgently.

In the below video, you will get a detailed explanation of the top 5 benefits.

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What is lead nurturing? Will it increase my sales?

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Now, out of 85% of the people, only 40% of the people know about your product or service, they know this will really help them, but they might not be looking to take your service right now immediately and that too especially from you, they are still thinking basically.


And if you take the last 40 or 45% of the category, they are really not aware of your product or service.


Take an example of Real Estate – If you take the same scenario of 100 people at a time, maybe one or two people will be urgently looking out for a house. They want to shift it within a week or something like that, so that is the top category of people.


These will be the very high potential leads and everyone is concentrating on them. But the competition is really high. If you take the next level of risk, maybe like 10 to 15 people might be looking out for a house, but they might not be willing to shift immediately for some reason, but they are really looking out for, but they want to make sure that they are shifting to a new house and maybe another two or three months.


If you take the third category, like the 40%, whatever I told them they are not looking out for a house very urgently, but they will be buying a house in case if it matches their exact requirement, they don’t have a timeline, they might take six months or one year or even two years also. But if the right house comes in, they might buy.


The last 40% might not even think about buying a house. But still, they’ll make inquiries. When they see your ad on something, they’ll still make an inquiry


Now, why am I telling you this?


This is really important when you are performing lead nurturing.


So what is basically lead nurturing is you are going to bring that third category of 40% of the leads to a high potential prospect so that you can be able to convert them easily to your clients.


Imagine instead of competing for only the top two percent or top 10 percentage, you have that additional 40 percentage of the people out of that 40 percent, you are nurturing on a regular basis by sharing, related information about your product or service.


And once they’re ready, then they will be buying your product or service. Even if you convert 10% out of 40% it is a very high volume. It is not a normal volume while you’re generally thinking, because on top 10 percent, everyone is targeting them.


Since they are already seeing your emails on a regular basis, they are already interacting with you or your team on a regular basis. The probability of them buying a product or service from you is very high when compared with them going and checking out for your competitors when they’re planning to purchase, which is also really important in the lead nurturing process.


So what do we do in this lead nurturing process?


You will be sending them a sequence of emails or SMS or WhatsApp communication to make your lead, understand the importance of your product or service or the advantages, benefits, and values of your product or service.


What will happen is when they’re making an inquiry, in the beginning, they might not know about your product or service to the core.


But when you are going to share these benefits or values over a period of time, like maybe one month or two months with a stipulated time gap, maybe like once in two to three days, you’ll be sending them a mail and they’ll go through your mail to understand, what else this and what are you trying to share. So they will be getting a clear idea of your product or service.


You might be sending 10 emails, out of the 10 emails, the prospect might think that one email is really important. The value of the benefit, what you told me in one particular mail is really important. And they might get in touch with you immediately.


And you don’t know which one is that. So you have to make sure that you are setting up this entire sequence and that you are going to send them on a regular basis so that they will be aware of your product. And once it is the right time, they will make an inquiry to you, which is basically you are generating a high potential lead.


It is not like a raw lead who don’t even know your product, they’re coming and making an inquiry. That is a very, very important advantage in the lead nurturing process.


I hope you will be having a complete idea of what is lead nurturing. Now you are going to concentrate on the third segment, which is basically the 40 percent of the people who are not looking out for a product or service immediately, but they will be subscribing to a product or service at the right time.


So you’re going to nurture them on a regular basis in order to make sure that they are subscribing to your product or service.


In order to do this –

Do you think it is really possible for you to send them a mail with a four or five days gap on a regular basis?


This is highly not possible. So there are multiple tools available and I highly recommend you to try out Solid Performers CRM, where you can easily do this entire thing on an automated basis.


You can be able to send them a custom mail.


For example, a person named Sam is making an inquiry. You can send all emails, especially pointing to Mr. Sam, and, you can be able to set them up in the automation. So what happens is whenever Sam receives a mail, the mail will be directly pointed to Sam.


”Hey Sam, how are you doing? I hope this content will be useful now” since it is too personal, he will really read the mail and he will go through the mail and he might be interested in your mail content, and he might get back to you.


Now you have to have a sequence of emails like, you have to set up 10 or 15 emails at one point in time, and once this is done, then that’s it.


The system will take care automatically. And there is no need for you to do any manual process on your own. That is the advantage of sales automation, or that is the primary advantage of automated lead nurturing.

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