Visa & Immigration CRM

Managing the end to end document of a person and processing the visa process with multiple stages is made simple with the help of Solid Performers CRM. Manage the complete life cycle from the time when they are just enquires, till they became your client in a single system.

Followup Reminder Custom Status & Source Web Lead Form Integration Notes & File Uploads Log & History of Communication Easy Allocation & Tracking Integrate with any Source

Top Reasons to Choose Us


Custom Fields

We provide you with various default field in different modules. Apart from this, we also provide you to add the custom field of your own choice based on your business.

Track the enquiries

Monitor activity at every stage and know if the deal is headed towards closure. This helps in better prospecting of leads and gives the entire sales team a clarity.

Document Management

Manage all the documents of the students in their profile,. This will help you to access the data of the students in the future at any point in time.

Email Campaign

Running email campaigns helps you in creating awareness about your product and service among prospects and clients. Generate more leads easily.


Centralise all your data across various sources on a unified platform. Collect all the data in one place and perform various functions in one place.

Timely Reminders

Never miss a followup from now on. Get daily & hourly followup updates on a seperate page with the option to filter and contact them based on various criterias.


All in One CRM

Manage your complete business process flow end to end from collecting an enquiry till its closure with post booking service & support functions.


Multiple Sources

Collect all your enquiries from various channels into our CRM directly. Send them an automated welcome email or sms to get the prospect active.


Detailed Report

CRM helps you to track the performance of every lead, client, deal or contact reports and as well as the performance for your sales executive easily.

Enquiry Management

Lead Management is the primary task and backbone for any successful business. Solid Performers Immigration CRM allows you to consolidate your customer’s information in one shell. Your prospects can convert into clients only when you manage your leads in a streamlined way.  To process the continuity one can allocate lead to other user. Lead management also allows you to edit your data as per your requirement.


Customer Management

Creating update these days under lead and clients is the most important part of Visa an Immigration Industry. Getting a workload makes people forget sometimes about the important work which they have to do but here CRM helps reminding you about the update that you have created. Creating update allows you and your customers to understand each other in a finer way.


In Process / Discussion Management

With this module of Solid Performers CRM you can note down all your discussion with particular prospect like eligibility criteria matches or not and all other information of that prospect. CRM helps you with the smooth workflow for your organization. With this entire feature you can also add and save all the documents sent by the prospect to you.


Proposal Management

Create proposal for your prospects consisting whatever service you are proving and what are the specification of that service and you can also add tax. You can create a template for proposal like for person applying for VISA or Someone migrating to different country. Default settings and different style for proposal are possible in order to save your time.


Invoice Management

You can create invoice for your customers and check the entire invoice under you client for future reference. You can simplify your work by creating the quotation and you can send via WhatsApp directly or you can also download the pdf. Using CRM you can not only create invoice but also you can keep a track of all invoice payments for years.


Under Process Management

Maintaining conversation and progress of any work and the same point of time updating you client is the most important part of VISA and Immigration industry. You can maintain the VISA approval or any other application under this module and you can also update your clients about the progress in their work.


Services Management

Solid Performers CRM makes it easy for you to manage your multiple services in CRM. While creating any service you can add the description of the service that what all things will be included and with that you can also add the tax for the particular service. It helps you at the time of creating invoice by allowing you to select the existing item from your services list.


Finance Management

Keep detailed record of your company’s income and loss. It helps you to know what is the income and expenditure of your business and will also help you to know when to make the static change if thing are not working fine. You can also track the income and expense of employees and filter which their performance throughout.


Employees Management

Solid Performers CRM allows you to create employees account and give them permission and restriction them from some feature by creating their roles. Employee Management module allows you to track the entire work cycle of your employees from prospects, clients to task allocated to them and then actions of your employees. This will improve your business workflow.


Support Management

Create support ticket and manage your customer’s complaints under support module. It allows you to take immediate action on your customer complain. Once the complaints are registered one ticket ID is generated that you can share it to you customer via email or sms. You can also allocate that support to your employee to resolve the issue.


Timesheet Management

You can check the daily paunch-in and punch-out of your employees. Timesheet also allows you get an option to add any remark like if you are late in your punch-in or you are taking off in half day then you can add a remark saying why you were late. Admin of the CRM can track timesheet of all their employees.


Vendor Management

Manage your multiple vendor’s details in Solid Performers CRM and check easily in one click by filtering it. You can also create vendor category and simply categorize the vendor’s for quick access. You can also create PO for your vendors from the CRM and manage their payments easily from here. Purchase order status can also be tracked from here.


PO Management

Solid performers CRM allows you to create & manage purchase order. You can specify and authorize the purchase from their suppliers or vendors as it helps to your business operation to run smoothly and in an organized way. In short you can maintain the detailed record which helps you at the time of auditing.


And Many More...

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Automated CRM Software Solutions For Visa And Immigration

Best CRM Software Solution for Visa and Immigration for Automated Workflow and Management

Every business needs an effective mode of communication and effective business strategies to build long term relationships with a customer.

There are many hindrances to an effective flow of work. There must be a structured workflow and only the best software tools can overcome these challenges.

For automated workflow, greater data accessibility, and better management of a business, integrated CRM software is the only solution.

CRM software solutions for visa and immigration:

The immigration process has a lot of complexities. Result-oriented solutions are very much needed for this large industry.

Visa and immigration clients are loaded with a lot of activities and are most often unstructured with many underlying complexities.

The challenges of visa or immigration clients include data inaccessibility, no proper hierarchy, inconsistency, out of date data and statistics, no tracking system.

All these challenges can be solved by CRM Software Solutions.


CRM Software gives you the best tools for managing leads and data. It helps in enhancing work efficiency and accuracy.

The automated solutions and configuration system provided by CRM Software reduces the burden of counsellors of visa and immigration. 

The data stored in CRM Software can be perfectly structured and defined. It helps in storing all sorts of documents and it can be retrieved anytime. Easiness of use and access is the undeniable benefit of using CRM Software.

The great use is of centralization of data as counsellors can find all data in one place, structured and well defined with the options to edit, manage, and add information as and when needed.

The lead management and follow-up communications are done automatically and this helps for ensuring smoother workflow.

The new client insertion and updating application status and other notifications is a tedious task but the automation in these processes is helping in the smooth workflow.

Cloud-based CRM software for immigration:

The complications of the workflow are reduced with cloud-based CRM software for immigration.  The solution by giving an automated solution ensures productivity. 

The cloud-based CRM software for immigration provides workflow automation, automated communication, tracking, and lead management.

Lead management is the process of prioritizing and targeting leads with a definite lead cycle. CRM Software helps in better streamlining of communication with leads.

CRM Software solutions are needed because of the increasing number of immigration and the software helps in smoothing the workflows and retains a long-term customer relationship.

CRM software for visa consultancy:

Cloud-based CRM software can give you excellent software for visa consultancy. In a visa consulting agency, activities like sales, finance, operation is a tedious task and the entire process can be automated with CRM by using cloud infrastructure and with zero installation cost.

The lead management for visa consultancy can be made a seamless activity with options to nurture leads through calls, reminders, meeting schedules. This helps in effective communication with leads for a long term customer relationship.

The operations management for visa consultancy is difficult; CRM software can provide solutions by giving the operation team resources to manage everything from assigning case files, application filing to payments management.

Benefits of using CRM software for sales and immigration

CRM Software Solution is not a choice but a need for immigration business development, overseas immigration educational consultants, and visa consultancy agencies.

The benefits are manifold and some of them are:

-Fast-Paced Workflow

-Ease of access of Information

-Secured information with added Configuration method and security layers

-Helps in Proper management

-Greater Workflow automation

Solid Performers gives you the best CRM software solutions that are integrated and it can fully function in cloud storage with efficient management tools for lead and inquiry management. 

CRM software solutions provided by Solid Performers are result oriented and it helps you to monitor and track real data and it provides you reports that will help in deeper analysis of your consultancy.

Best crm software for visa and immigration:

The best CRM Software tools for Visa and Immigration will have the following features:

-It allows for automatically acquiring new leads

-Status Updates and Automatic Notifications for leads

-Effective Streamlined communication with leads

-It helps to monitor and track lead status 

-Effective reporting of data

-Regular Follow-ups and payment check

-Organized and effective workflow allocation

-Automation in ease of filing of the case

Solid Performers provides CRM software solutions that are integrated and easy to use. It gives you a good configuration system and provides options for efficient tracking and reporting.

Solid Performers gives you tools for doing speedy tasks and helps you to focus on every aspect of visa and immigration consultancy like sales, finance, and operation.

The best part that we specialize is that we make end-to-end solutions for your visa and immigration processes. Our focus mainly depends upon the customer satisfaction and at the same time we indulge in the best CRM software for visa and immigration processes. The tool that we develop is based on the cloud-based softwares and hence it will give you an amazing user interactive experience. For all your visa and immigration processes, we manage and implement the best features that will provide you more flexibility to access.

The best visa and immigration process CRM includes the visa tracking management software that is completely flexible and customizable by the users. In order to choose the right CRM for managing your visa and immigration processes, you need to check for the features like:

  • Tracking the student visa applications easily
  • Each and every data must be managed efficiently
  • Must be easily accessible
  • Must have auto backup features, so that any lost data or damaged data can be retrieved easily
  • The software which is developed must improve the customer relationship by allowing them to easily access the software. The customer should not face any difficulty in accessing the software.

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