Create Proposal in Minutes

With Solid Performers CRM, you can not only create and manage leads but also your proposals. Yes. You can create and manage proposals for your leads, deals, or clients and manage them with multiple iterations.


PDF download of proposal


Multiple Proposal Templates & Versions


One-Click convert to PI or Invoice


Manage Follow-up & due dates


Proposal Settings

You can set up the default setting for proposals in minutes from the default proposal settings.


Proposal Templates

Create Unlimited proposal templates based on your products or services and you can import it while creating the proposal.


Create & Manage Proposal

Simply create a proposal in minutes by selecting the lead/client, proposal templates, and product/service details.


Manage Proposal Versions

You can edit and update the proposal and all old versions of the proposal can be tracked & managed easily.


Download PDF or Send by Email

You can download the PDF version of the proposal and send it by mail or send it directly from CRM.

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