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Like all other businesses, the travel industry has also risen rapidly. With CRM implementation, the business can have a systematic approach and can reach thousands of people quickly. Traditionally the travel agents used to manually prepare the proposal and itinerary. But now with digital interface and CRM integration, all the business tasks are done within minutes.

Why Solid Performers CRM is the Best Travel CRM Software in India?

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History of Past Interactions

With automated data gathered in the CRM, you can track all the past interactions in case there is any new inquiry for the existing client. The customer will have a good impression of your service if you provide comfortable services. The client will be more interested in buying the devices.

Auto-generated Reports

CRM system automatically generates various reports based on the company’s movements. The monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly reports give a proper analysis of the business status. You can plan various strategies to boost your business activities. CRM helps to provide accuracy while doing a statistical call analysis of any business.

Understanding Customer Preference

With CRM, it is easier in maintaining a connection with your potential client. You can track the interest of the customer through regular follow-ups and notifications. By negotiating with them regarding travel packages of the destinations, you will have a broader perspective of their preferences. By the information you formulate based on their interests, the customers will be moved to buy the attractive services.

Foreign Body Integration

Multiple third-party integrations can be done with the CRM. CRM software in India. You can integrate location services, restaurant availability, social media platforms, payment gateway etc with CRM and software and provide the service to the customers. You can also provide a feedback system so that the customers can give their valuable feedback on the server. It is easier to improve and further decisions for travel advisors and customers.

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CRM helps better understand customers’ choices and preferences. The customer is given endless options to select from while traveling. From destinations to hotels, restaurants, and scenic spots, the customer will be delivered with the most suitable itinerary based on the requirement and budget. That will make the customer believe more in the business. In the tourism business, customer satisfaction is the primary component of growing the business.

Deal Management

Keep your opportunity separately in your account by converting the leads into the opportunity module. The deal module will help you know the exact status of every opportunity you have in your account.

By adding data in the field of deal value, probability, and expected date of closure you will get the entire result of how many pipelines you have and for which month. Give priority to the deal follow-up by getting the follow-up separately.

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Timely Alert

Missing the follow-up?

Don’t worry about missing the follow-up when you start using the Solid Performers CRM. The system is designed in such a way that the follow-up will be done on time without any delay.

As follow-up is the main point where you can increase the closure rate. If the follow-ups are done properly it will increase the rate of closure.

Login History

Login history will show the history of when and from where who has logged in to your account or your user’s account. There is also the option to restrict the IP address you want for your employees.

The history of each lead will also be recorded where, you can get the details of who created the lead when, and to whom it is allocated now.

Simple and Easy Customization

Solid Performers is very flexible, it will allow you to customize your account based on your requirements. There are many customizations available for each module.

There is no restriction in enabling disabling or adding a field in your system.

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FAQs of Travel CRM Software in India

All the business are turning their business technology-orientated by deployiCRMcrm and various such integration for their growth. Solid performers software is the best CRM software for travel in India. It can serve you with advanced techniques incorporated into the system.
CRM helps you with an option to customize all field setting according to your business model. You can connect the system and work from any part of the world.

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