Top 15 Advantages of Solid Performers CRM

Here are the top 15 advantages of Solid Performers CRM which will help you to make your decision easier in selecting the right CRM for your Business.

1. Manage all your lead data in one place

you can receive leads from your website or landing pages or Facebook, Instagram, Google Ad Words, or any other lead aggregator  APIs. You can be able to collect all the data directly in the CRM. Everything will be integrated and you will get the lead data directly in the CRM, it is like one place to manage all of your data.

2. Auto allocates all the leads to your sales team

Without any manual intervention, you can allocate based on the pre-defined settings, whatever you have defined. So it’ll not only aggregate all the leads, but it will also do the automation of allocating the leads to your sales team.

3. Send automated welcome emails to your leads or clients

Whenever they make an inquiry or for any other communication and if you’re not available manually to respond to them, the system will send an automated welcome email, which is basically a personalized mail. And you can do this with the help of Solid Performers CRM.

4. You can be able to add unlimited data with no data restriction

At any given point in time, you can add any number of data for any module. We don’t restrict you in terms of using the data with our CRM you can even add a million data and there are no questions asked

5. Advanced automated follow-ups and reminders for you

Whenever you have to perform a manual follow-up, you will never miss a follow-up just because you’re using Solid Performers CRM always the system will take care of you, and it will alert you whenever you need to perform a follow-up. So you will never miss a follow-up at any given point in time.

6. You can be able to set up advanced sales automation

So you can not only send a simple, immediate auto-response made, but you can also perform lead nurturing with the option of sending delayed emails. Yes, you can be able to send emails to your leads or prospects with delayed or time gaps. Like you can be able to send the first mail on the first day. And the second mail will go on the third day. The third mail will go on for the fifth day.

In this way, you can be able to set up a sequence once and the system will take it automatically. This entire thing can be easily automated, which will really help you in generating a lot of leads. And it’ll also help you in your conversion ratio.

7. Modify all the fields based on your business requirement

Yes, with solid performance, you can be able to modify all the fields of all primary modules based on your business requirement within minutes. And that is no technical knowledge required. There is no need for you to raise any support mail or ticket in order to modify these fields. You can do all these things within minutes.

You can also change all the status stages based on your business requirement. Basically, everything is customizable based on your business requirement. The system is completely flexible based on your requirement. The primary advantage of this is your sales team will not see any unnecessary fields they will use and see whatever things are really required and all unnecessary things will be completely hidden.

8. CRM is having both presales as well as post-sales management activities

You can not only manage your leads or deals, but you can also manage your clients, and whatever the client’s renewals, AMCs, everything which is coming, you can be able to manage it on one platform itself.

9. Got Deal or Opportunity Module to segregate the highly potential prospects from your general leads

Solid performers CRM has got the opportunity module in which you can be able to segregate all the potential leads into deals where you can manage them separately by giving special attention or special mail sequence. And you can also manage all their expected closure date,  what is the probability of closure expected, and closure value everything in a better way. And with the help of this, you can be able to build a healthy sales pipeline.

10. Build a Sales Pipeline for the next 1 year to forecast your business growth

You can also manage all their expected closure date,  what is the probability of closure expected, closure value everything in a better way. And with the help of this, you can be able to build a healthy sales pipeline. With the help of solid performance CRM, you can be able to build a pipeline for the next year in graphical representation. And you can be able to build the pipeline for your entire tenure.

11. Create business proposals in the CRM itself

No need to use any other document or any other software to manage your proposals. You can be able to create a proposal from the CRM itself, and you can also send the proposal to your clients or leads directly from the CRM. You can also be able to manage multiple revisions and iterations in the CRM itself. So you can see what the first proposal was shared and when you have modified it, what was the modification done. Everything can be tracked in the CRM itself.

12. Four Primary modules to segregate the prospect’s data with various stages and statuses under each

In Solid Performers CRM, you can be able to manage all your client or lead data under four primary modules. With the help of this, you can be able to easily understand which are raw leads. How many are basic leads? How many are potential leads? And then how many of them are clients?  You can have various stages, statuses, and everything for them in a better way.

13. Transfer Data Between Modules

You can transfer data from any of the modules to other modules in one click.
 For example, when a potential prospect gets converted to a client, you can convert the prospect to a client in one click there is no need to fill in all the data, all the details, whichever is available in the deal module will get transferred to a client module. Or if it is from a lead to the client in one click, you can be able to convert a lead to a client and all data will be transferred instantly.

14. Manage all client support details

You can be able to manage all your client support tickets, as well as I, told Solid Performers CRM has also got post-sale management activities. You can be able to easily manage all of the support tickets and you can also be able to create support web forms. So what you can do is you can create the form from the CRM and add the form to your website. So any of your customers come and creates the support ticket on your website and you come to the CRM directly and it’ll get allocated to the support team as well. And you can perform automatons as well for a support ticket module.

15. Highly affordable solution

Even for small or medium-scale enterprises, Solid Performers CRM is affordable. You can scale the number of users at any point in time, you can subscribe even for one user, 10 users, or 100users at any point in time based on your requirement.

These were among the top 15 advantages of Solid Performers CRM.

I hope in this article, you got a complete clarity of what is Solid Performers CRM and how it will really help you in your business growth. Just think about the benefits and the values, what you’re going to get from all the advantages, whatever I have mentioned before that will give you complete clarity and you can be able to make a decision easily.

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