Top 10 Benefits of Sales Automation CRM with Free CRM Trial

Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Sales Automation CRM and a quick link to Solid Performers CRM which is one of the Best Sales Automation CRM based out in India.

Solid Performers CRM gives you clarity on the top 10 benefits of sales automation CRM. When using it manually you may be many other difficulties. The goal is to integrate everything together and streamline sales processes and operations.

Those are objectives and specifications. However, you can now go over selections with the help of that checklist. A salesperson walks you through the product and shows you how to use it during a live demo session. After that, you can ask specific questions about the company.

Moreover, because software costs are a big factor for SMBs, many begin with free CRM software to get their business off the ground and then upgrade to commercial solutions as their operations grow.

Solid Performers CRM is also the top software in India. Also, it is one of the best free third-party integration CRM options to get you started. Facebook, Webforms, Chatbot, Google Form, Just Dial, India Mart, Sulekha, 99 acres,, Magic bricks, and many more.

Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Sales Automation CRM

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Here are the Top 10 Benefits of Sales Automation CRM

  1. Follow-up management, as per requirements you can set follow-ups for all the modules.
  2. Exact Customizations according to requirements and based on multiple industries.
  3. According to the requirements, we can create a custom dashboard.
  4. According to the requirements, we can create Custom reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  5. All the possible 3rd party integrations can be done to capture leads.
  6. Solid performers CRM can also provide lead capture API so that you can use the API in any panel.
  7. You can manage automation triggers based on requirements and also can set an N number of triggers based on conditions, delay, ahead, based on follows, and all basic operations.
  8. Based on requirements the account customization will be done and also Solid performers can provide custom modules and mapping basic data from the primary module.
  9. Solid performers CRM is having Unwanted data hiding option from the list page based on status and stages from primary modules.
  10. Data monitoring from all the various Departments, so that everyone can able to monitor the data by reporting managers and teams.

Effective Usage with Benefits of Sales Automation CRM

Marketing manager with over two years of experience effectively managing projects. Adept in using digital marketing tools to increase sales and overall company productivity.

Email configuration set pre-defined email templates and saves hours of time. Attach brochure, pdf, and images before itself. With just one click, you can select and send an email. It will help a lot to differentiate and send emails according to lead, deal, client, and proposal prospects. There is no limitation in Solid Performers CRM to add templates. You can add unlimited templates and this is another important benefits of sales automation CRM.

Automation and Integrations send to prospects also and users or employees also. For employees like new lead remainder, follow up notification, remainders.

Furthermore, scheduled calendar events, contact lists, and communication records, the team can track.  Rather than working round-the-clock to send welcome emails, order confirmation emails, product launches, renewal, and email newsletters to a large contacts list, the marketer would automate email sending based on triggers.

Additional Benefits of Sales Automation CRM

Also with marketing automation, it’s more top of the sales report, whereas, with Solid Performers CRM automation, it’s down the funnel towards the bottom, where the leads are almost converting into customers or are already paying customers.

Solid Performers CRM automation marketing software makes sense for companies with robust sales, customer support, and sales and marketing departments that need to save time and work in an organized way.

However CRM sales and customer service teams are growing all the time, then certain members of the team will be assigned specific tasks as this is another important benefits of Sales Automation CRM.

Keeping track of who’s doing what in complicated Excel sheets can be draining. With a Solid Performers CRM system, you can automate the assignment of tasks across one unified system.

Data Management

The data syncing between two automation tools could be configured instantly. This way marketing team won’t be working with outdated information, nor would sales team members or the customer service team.

What does the company’s sales process or pipeline look like? Within your CRM tool, you can visualize it, and this is all done by the software. The team can’t be sure what the other team is working on, so two members of two separate teams can end up contacting the same lead, which is always trying for potential customers.

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Lead History

If they had a sales call yesterday and answered basic questions with that sales member, they’re going to be confused why a customer service member is calling them today and asking the same questions.

The lead will probably decide to do business elsewhere rather than keep repeating answers to the team members of the same company

With lead assignment in CRM software, you can automate who’s working on which lead. Zero percent leakage in Solid Performers CRM software.  You can also request automatic reports that pull together the information small business needs. Perhaps you want to focus on sales or new leads or customer queries for the past two weeks.

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Manage your sales team Efficiently

Solid performers CRM will not only help in managing the leads but also helps to manage your executives as it is one of the Top Benefits of Sales Automation CRM. You can get the attendance of each executive by providing them the option of punching in and out. Get to know more about the user role access by clicking here.

Get the complete details of your field executives’ expenses. Once the expense is added by your executive you can give them the approval based on the details.

The option is provided by Solid Performer CRM where employees can manage their leaves and ask for approval for the same. Once the leave is added the concerned person will get notified and based on the details they can approve their leaves.

Get the user activity report from the report module. It will show the details of employee activity like how many leads were added, mail sent, follow-ups added, SMS sent, etc and this can be considered as another benefits of Sales Automation CRM. This report will be helpful for the business to check the performance of each employee. Checkout our reviews by clicking here

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