Best Ticket Management

Create a manual ticket or generate the ticket from your website by creating web support forms from our CRM. You can also design the web form according to the look and feel of your website to generate the tickets from the website directly into CRM.

Auto Allocation

Define the settings once and the tickets will be automatically allocated to your support team on a rotational basis.

Email & SMS Automation

Send automated dynamic email or SMS once a ticket is received in the CRM. Set various automated triggers based on various actions.

Zero Delay Delivery

Easily track the time spent on every ticket and create a robust system to intimate the client with the estimated time of completion.

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Best Support System

Managing the issues raised by your client for the product or service delivered is made simple with the help of our Ticketing Management System. You can automate an SMS or Email to be sent on receiving the ticket which will provide peace of mind to your clients. Automatic ticket ID will be created and progress of the ticket can be monitored in every instance including the time taken to resolve the ticket.

Build as you Need

Customize the fields based on your business easily. We have provided you with the option to create the form based on your need. You can drag and drop and build your own in minutes.

Track Time Spent

You can track the end to end time spent on solving the ticket in an easy way. This includes both individual person contribution as well as the overall time of ticket completion.

Automatic Triggers

Once a ticket is added, an automated email or SMS can be delivered to the client. This automated action can be set for various criteria for every action performed.

Multi-Select Filters

Filter the tickets based on various criterias which may be single or multiple. It is also easy to setup filters for custom created fields for better understanding.

Web Support Form

Create a support web form from the CRM and integrate it with your website easily. Collect all the tickets from your website directly in the CRM with automation.

Set Priority

Assign various priorities to the tickets and close the urgent ones on a high-priority basis to avoid any critical situations. You can filter them as well based on your need.

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