Best Sales Automation CRM with Advanced Sales Automation

With the help of the Best Sales Automation CRM, you can now perform the end-to-end sales automation of collecting the leads from various sources, allocating the leads to the sales team based on various sources, and many others in one place. You can set the triggers for all primary modules based on various action items and the system will perform this automation forever.

Lead Nurture

Nurture your leads with various automated delayed emails based on various criteria. Automation will happen only if the criteria is met.

Email & SMS Automation

Send automated dynamic emails or SMS once a lead is received in the CRM. Set various automated triggers based on various criteria.

Auto Allocation

Define the settings once and the leads will be automatically allocated to your sales team on a rotational basis based on various sources.

WhatsApp Automation

With Billions of People using WhatsApp around the World, you can easily perform automation using WhatsApp as similar to others.

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Empower your sales team to sell smarter with intelligent automation, and analytics that lead to more sales using the Best Sales Automation CRM. Sales automation helps you to eliminate repetitive, manual tasks and automates them to allow you and your sales team to focus more on closing sales everyday.

Dynamic Content

You can use all the data of the lead or deal in the template with the help of short codes and create a personalized message for every user.

Quick Automation

Can create multiple automation within minutes with various requirement criteria and set the automation. The system will take care of everything.

Time Delayed Trigger

You can now nurture your leads with time-delayed automation which will trigger automation after a day, week, or month based on your need.

Multi-Select Filters

You can create various triggers with the combination of various filter items and the trigger will happen only if it meets the exact requirement and you can restrict the usage easily.


You can set the triggers for various channels which include email, SMS, or WhatsApp. All the content of these messages can be modified according to the channel.

Unlimited Combinations

With Solid Performers, there is no restriction on creating the combination of triggers. You can create any number of triggers which helps you to generate more sales.

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