Best Deal Management CRM Software for Business

Close a great deal with effective team collaboration by tracking the progress using various stages and in a much effective way. Track & monitor everything happening throughout the journey of the deal.

Pipeline Builder

Forecast your pipeline value for the next 12 months easily along with the estimated closure value. Get the graphical representation in the dashboard.

Email & SMS Automation

Send automated dynamic email or SMS once a deal is added or for any future actions of a deal. Set it once and automation will take care.

Special Fields

We have provided you with some special fields like expected closure date, value, and probability to build a much better pipeline.

Zero Followup Leakage

Get timely notification on various channels as well as on the CRM which makes you never miss the opportunity follow-up.

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Forecast Better with the Best Deal Management CRM Software

Managing a deal in a smart way is one of the most important things which will lead to effective business closure. With the help of the Best Deal Management CRM Software, you can manage this in all possible ways. With the help of the Best Deal Management CRM Software, you can bring in multiple team members to work together in an individual deal along with the option to track the deal under various stages. Also, you are free to create multiple deals for an individual client.

Build as you Need

Customize the fields based on your business easily. We have provided you with the option to create the form based on your need. You can drag and drop and build your own in minutes.

Follow-up Reminders

Get a daily reminder notification and timely reminder notification whenever you need to perform an action for a deal. Never miss a follow-up again.

Automatic Triggers

Once a deal is added, an automated email or SMS can be delivered to the deal. You can also set time-delayed triggers. You can set multiple triggers with various combinations

Multi-Select Filters

Filter the deal based on various criteria which may be single or multiple. It is also easy to set up filters for custom-created fields for better understanding.

Multiple Combinations

You can create multiple deals for a single client and bring in various team members for various deals. You can link different contacts of an organization for various deals as well.

Quick Access

All the deals created for a lead or client will be visible in the view page of the lead or client as well for quick access of data. Never miss any communication from now on.

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