Sales Automation process.

5 ways to implement in an effective way

  1. Receiving the lead in the CRM till the Closure of the lead to the Client
  2. Multiple Stages & Status at various levels like lead, deal & client
  3. Generate proposals and create various iterations of them with status and follow-up dates.
  4. Reduce the maximum possible manual work and automate the recurring sales activities to increase accuracy & closure rate
  5. Easy & Handy to Use
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I’ll be giving you a complete idea of how you, how to implement the sales automation process and why it is really required for your business. Now, a sales automation process is nothing, but it helps you in your sales process from receiving a lead to the closure of the lead to a client.

Whatever steps are involved in the middle, many things you can be able to do automated basis as well as many of the factors you have to do on a manual basis.

Now sales automation process is really important because whatever you are doing many works on a manual basis can be automated, which will save you a lot of time.

So once the lead is received in your system, you can be able to speak with the lead, and if the lead is potential, you will be converting this lead into a deal. Now, once you found this deal is asking for a proposal, you can be able to create a proposal from the system and you can be able to send it directly from the CRM.

Many times, what happens is when you are sharing a proposal, they’ll be asking for a revision, or they’ll be asking for an updated proposal, second hydration, or third hydration, many are things right now in your sales process, in your sales automation process, you can be able to manage all these alterations in a better way so that after five hydration, also, you can be able to see what is the initial quote that you have given and how many hydrations has been gone through and what was the reason modification.

pipeline builder pro

Download the Free Worksheet
to build your Sales Pipeline now

Now, all these things are possible with the help of the sales automation process, and whenever you’re creating a lead deal or proposal, you can be able to set up, when is due date or the follow-up date.

This is really important because 75 percent of the sale happens because of effective and good follow-ups.

If a system is there, which will help you and guide you in making the follow-up a better way, then you have to opt for this. And since it reduces the maximum possible manual work, and you can be able to take things on an automated basis, you can use that time on doing some other productive activities for your business.

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Now, this also does a lot of recurring sales activities so that you can be able to take care of this in a better way. I have shared a link to get started with the free trial of Solid Performers CRM.

Now, what you can do with Solid Performers CRM is, that you can be able to easily automate your business in a better way. And it’ll also guide you through a step-by-step procedure on how you have to do the setup till using the CRM in an effective way.

And as the topic says, if you plan to implement sales automation in your company with the help of Solid performers CRM you can be able to implement it in less than two to three days. Yes, I really mean it. And you can try over the trial to get more understanding of the same.


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