Simply Increase your Property Sales by 2X using the Best Real Estate CRM in the Market.

Manage your Real Estate Leads & Agents Efficiently using automated lead allocation, follow-up Reminders, Site Visits, Project/ Property Details, Available Properties, Customer Details, and many more using the Best Real Estate CRM Software in the Market.

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Quick Overview

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Automate Lead Allocation & Follow-up Alerts and never ever worry about missed lead follow-ups or manually assigning the leads.

User Friendly

The CRM and the mobile app are very easy & simple to use for any kind of user even without any kind of computer knowledge. All flexible customizations are available in the system.

Centralized Leads

All the leads/ enquiries from various sources like Facebook, Google Ads, 99acres, Magicbricks, will be added to the CRM directly including bulk uploads.

Advanced Automation

Manage all kind of automation including auto allocate of leads to sales team, manage them and to be in touch with your leads, prospects or customers in a simplified manner.

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No need to think too much. Get started for free with the Best Cloud Real Estate CRM for your business and continue using it only if it fulfills your business requirement. As simple as that.

Want to Sell More Properties Faster & Smarter?

With Advanced Lead Scoring and the complete communication history of the lead, it is very easy to understand the quality of the lead using the best Real Estate CRM. No need to spend time on invalid prospects anymore.

And the best part is that you can have




Leads & Prospects


Properties/ Projects



No need to worry about your growing inquiry or user list. You should be happy about it.


Why Our Real Estate CRM?

Solid Performers CRM is one of the best Cloud-based Real Estate CRM. It helps manage the relationship between buyers, sellers, brokers, and agents smoothly. Easily get all your leads in one panel from different sources in the Real Estate CRM.


Never miss any follow-ups, and perform faster closure on prospects with automation. This is one of the Best Real Estate CRM Software that will help you to achieve all your targeted goals.

Why Solid Performers Real Estate CRM is Reliable than Others?

With us, you can designate a proper marketing strategy to perform internally and externally. Sales Automation helps in nurturing the leads, increasing the conversion ratio from prospective leads to Clients in the Real Estate CRM.


Marketing Campaigns like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp can boost your business by reaching your target audience. Other advanced automation like a chatbot, web forms, Lead API, and Lead scoring can be done in the Real Estate CRM to generate more inquiries and increase sales flow. Click here to follow us on Linkedin


Highly Customizable as per your Need

We specialize in giving you a customized interface based on your requirement. You can change the designs and themes of your CRM with the advanced settings. You can be able to customize all the fields available in leads, prospects, projects, and customers, as per your business requirement.


You can also change the stage, status, and all other flows easily with the help of Solid Performers CRM. You can be able to customize the entire CRM as per your business need in minutes.

Team Members Access with Advanced Restrictions

You can create multiple user roles based on your business need and can allocate those roles to the users who are created under your business. They will be having complete access restrictions and can access only the access provided to them and nothing else.

With this, you will have complete safety and security of your data and there won’t be any miscommunication in handling the leads. You can also block or unblock a user at any point in time.

CRM for Interior Designers

Top Reasons to Choose Solid Performers CRM

Highly Affordable

Spend at least 50% less on Real Estate CRM with advanced features and unlimited data with us.

Target Achievement

Manage your Sales team by dedicating targets and seeing their performance in the dashboard along with analytics.

Zero Technical Knowledge

Highly user-friendly CRM & anyone can understand easily and access the CRM in a Mobile app or browser.

Notifications & Alerts

Never ever miss any follow-up again. You will be notified on various channels so that you will not miss any follow-up.

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Best Real Estate CRM- A Quick Overview

Here are the beautiful things that you can do with the help of Solid Performers Real Estate CRM along with some reference screenshots.

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Sales Dashboard

Visual Representation of data helps you identify the top performers, best campaign output, revenue generated, pipeline, and forecast of your business. Multiple graphs make you understand the business and sales growth quickly.


Boost employees to achieve more targets by seeing the performance which will be displayed on their dashboard.


Enquiry Management

Centralised inquiry data in one page from social media, existing excel data, walk-ins, referral inquiries, third-party integration sources, and general data entry. Never miss any inquiry again.


From auto allocation to data filter, scoring to grouping, prioritize your lead with complete follow-up history along with auto-reminders using the inquiry module.


Site Visit Management

Segregate the site visit from the general inquiry using the site visit module. You can give more attention to get the conversion done faster.


Define the expected closure data, value, and probability to build a healthy pipeline for now and in the future. Create Multiple opportunities for builders, & brokers and follow-up reminders along with the one-click conversion from inquiry.


Quotation Management

Create a quotation for an inquiry or prospect in minutes. You can pre-design the quotation templates and also add the projects that the prospective clients have asked for in a few clicks.


The quotation can be downloaded in pdf, or send via email/ WhatsApp directly from the CRM. All the revisions that you are making to the quotation will also be available.


Customer Management

The inquiry or site visit can be converted into a customer with a click. With the customer module, you can also check overdue bills with the renewal reminder in the system.


The follow-up feature helps you to be in touch with the customer always as the real estate business has got a lot of repeat customers as well.


Property Management

You can easily manage all the properties and ongoing projects easily in the CRM. You can also be able to filter the available units based on property.


You can add various unit types inside a particular project or community. Managing the property is made simple and easy using Solid Performers Real Estate CRM.


Report Management

Get real-time reporting on the web panel. Create your own filters to get custom reports based on exhaustive search criteria. Create your customized report easily like Summary reports or detailed overview reports to get an overview of your business.


You can also download the reports in excel format for any kind of review or future reference.


User Management

Manage your employees or team members with complete access restriction by using the user role function in Solid Performers CRM.


The users will be having access to only the allowed permissions and they will not be able to delete or download the data without proper access permission.

Get Started for Free

No need to think too much. Get started for free with the Best Cloud Sales CRM Software for your business and continue using it only if it fulfills your business requirement. As simple as that.